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BT Freestyle 750 Trio Cordless Phone With Answer Machine (Grey)

RRP £84.99
BT Freestyle 750 Trio Cordless Phone With Answer Machine (Grey)

Quicklinx: 56XNWS00
Mfr#: 044709
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BT Freestyle 750 Cordless Phone with Answer Machine

Stylish, easy-to-use cordless telephone with answering machine. Boasts a number of features making it ideal as a home phone:

  • GAP compatible
  • 15 minutes recording time
  • 50 name & number directory
  • 10 number calls list
  • 5 number redial list
  • Compatible with digital hearing aids
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging


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Customer reviews

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I've been very happy with this product
Reviewed by Andrew. Review Posted 16/12/2011

I have had these phones for several years now and found them very acceptable - the speech is clear (I have hearing loss) and the ansafone is a boon. If I do have criticisms they are: 1. It is not possible to buy single handsets (without ansafone base); 2. Every time there is a power cut, the date reverts to 2008 - time, day and month remain correct; 3. It only uses the last six digits to identify incoming calls - I have two friends who have the same number but different area codes, so the phone often shows the wrong caller name; 4. I do wish they would fit headset sockets as this is a boon when doing other things like ironing or cooking - saves getting a cricked neck. The loudspeaker mode is fine, but means everyone else has hear the call and also the caller cannot hear me when they are speaking.
But, of all the phones I have used, this has been the best.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 5*
Freestyle 750
Reviewed by Alan. Review Posted 22/01/2010

The ringtones are lould and the big buttons make the phones easy to use, ideal for people with hard of hearing. However the package only comes with the quick start guide, the user guide will need to be downloaded to help work out how to use the features. I tried to copy the address list to other headsets but this errored "copy failed", and do not know how to resolve this, but apart from this, all is ok.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 4*
Perfect phones for the elderly?
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 06/09/2010

Having just read through the first four reviews on this product, all I can say is "what a great disappointment".

From the specification the phones seem great! But their reported failures in use - and (perhaps more so) the lack of service and response from BT make any consideration of purchase very questionable.

Come on BT, please retore confidence in this product.

  • Overall 3*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 3*
Faulty return spoiled the good points
Reviewed by Steve. Review Posted 22/01/2010

I bought these phones for my grandmother, who thought they were fantastic! Big buttons, screen, loud speaker & simple menus make it very appealing to those with poor eyesight & hearing. Could have done better with the looks in my opinion. Unfortunately one of the handsets started to freeze up after a matter of days. The returns process with BT Shop has been a nightmare and completely marred the initial satisfaction we got from this purchase. As the other review says, it is impossible to speak to anyone at BT Shop, even after making a complaint.

  • Overall 3*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 3*
Freestyle 750
Reviewed by Gordon. Review Posted 16/02/2011

What a farce with this phone. We wished to purchase additional handsets and we are told that BT does not sell additional handsets on there own. Why sell a system that can take 4 handsets and yet not allow customers to add to their initial package. Who in their right mind thought of this way of doing business. The mind boggles about our options if a handset breaks down. So basically my advice would be avoid this system at all costs if you wish to either expand the system in the future or wish to ensure that you can replace faulty parts.

  • Overall 2*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 2*
Customer service
Reviewed by Palmer. Review Posted 07/01/2011

Retuning items to BT shop is a nightmare.
Customer service is in my opinion very poor, chat on line is a waste of time, emails take up to 5 days for a reply.
Will never shop with the BT shop again.

  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 1*
  • Value for money 1*
bt freestyle 750 trio cordless phone grey
Reviewed by kieran. Review Posted 07/05/2010

I bought this phone for my mother and also my mother in law. I was attracted by the features advertised for it. However I am very dissappointed. The group ringtone does not work. With this feature you are able to assign a specific ringtone to different people. For example, utilities, family, VIP. I have phoned BT and spoke to a lady and then, at my request, a supervisor. The supervisor said it could not be fixed and that was just the way it was.

My mother lives in Dorset and my mother in law in Ireland. It doesn't work on either and I said this to the supervisor. They are both in their 70's and this feature would have been of great help to them. I am very dissappointed with BT and as a result the initial satisfaction with the product has dropped through the floor(hence ratings of 1). I am also fed up with Bt customer service, it was pretty useless. I won't buy from BT again.


  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 1*
  • Value for money 1*
Reviewed by RON. Review Posted 18/11/2009


  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 1*

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