BT Elements Single Rugged IP54 Cordless Handset

BT Elements Single Rugged IP54 Cordless Handset

Product overview



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BT Elements digital cordless phone.

Freedom to go outside with this fantastic environment resistant phone - its certified to the international standard IP54, the definition of this standard is that:

  • Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact
  • Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

Main Features:

  • Up to 50 name and number directory
  • 1 KM outdoor range
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • Torch
  • Handsfree
  • 10 polyphonic ring tones
  • 50 SMS message store (total)
  • Keypad lock
  • Auto Talk/standby
  • PABX Access Code

*In order to see your texts you will need to subscribe to the BT Caller Display Service which is available when you sign up to BT residential customers making some calls on the BT network can opt in to receive Caller Display at no extra charge, subject to availability. Analogue lines only. Numbers will not be registered if the call is from payphones, some switchboards, and non-BT networks or where a caller's number is withheld. If the phone you are texting isn't text-enabled, the text will be converted and sent as a voice message. Please note that the text function is NOT compatible with BT Broadband Talk.

This phone is GAP compatible and is available as a single and you can buy additional matching handsets, so that you can have a phone in more than one room of the house without having to add anymore phone sockets! If you purchase an additional (GAP compatible) handset, there is a short and simple process, outlined in the product user guide (included with your phone), to link your new handset to your existing telephone system.

Where described as VoIP compatible, this applies when used with the appropriate VoIP service such as BT's Broadband Talk service and hardware such as the BT Home Hub - it is not a standalone voip phone



Product Description
BT Elements - cordless phone
Product Type
Cordless phone
Total Number of Wireless Handsets
Cordless Phone Standard
LCD display - monochrome - Yes
Body Colour
Grey, black
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty



Product Type
Cordless phone
Total Number of Wireless Handsets
Body Colour
Grey, black

Phone Features

Cordless Phone Standard
Max Handsets Supported
Max Handset Operating Distance (Outdoor)
1000 m
Dialer Type
Dialer Location
Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Volume Control
Ringer Control
Ring Tones
Polyphonic Ringer
Handset Locator
Additional Functions
Built-in clock, Alarm, Intercom
Additional Features
Autotalk, key lock, waterproof

Phone Memory

Phone Directory Capacity
50 names & numbers
Call Log Capacity
40 numbers


LCD display - monochrome
Display Location


Included Accessories
Belt clip, power adapter


Power adapter - external



Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year


BT ADSL Micro Filter RS
Quicklinx: 4D46 | In Stock


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Customer reviews

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5* Excellent all-round phone with extended coverage
Reviewed by Tom on 22/05/2007
The BT Elements phone offers many more advanced features and a coverage range three times the normal of other digital cordless phones. Call quality was crisp inside the home and garden and the ability to send and receive SMS messages is very straight-forward. The integrated torch is a nice touch!
5* BT Elements Cordless Tele
Reviewed by Bill McLean on 12/07/2011
Having tried this cordless unit on the description presented that it has a range of one kilometre (under ideal conditions) I found it to be no better than my Freestyle 250. However it is a very practical and sturdy unit for outdoor use, being waterproof and shock resistant. I like the separate main unit and charger, which enables you to place the base unit in the best place for range,while keeping the charger close by for convenience. The menu is user friendly and includes SMS facility. All in all a very useful unit if you spend a lot of time in the garden.
5* BT Elements
Reviewed by Mike on 17/12/2009
Had mine now for a couple of weeks and impressed. Trying to find an additional handset but the BT Shop doesn't seem to supply this. Use this in conjunction with a trueCall unit and it's fantastic. The stored star list along with telephone and caller details are forwarded and displayed on the Elements handset. I haven't bothered using the internal directory of the phone itself seeing as the CLI gives me the information I require. Would like details of where I can purchase that additional handset though.
4* Great reception but easy to loose
Reviewed by on 15/06/2007
The reception on this telephone is the best I have used and the range is good, to get 1km range there could be nothing between the base unit and the phone.I use the phone at work and have lost it a number of times as the tongue on the belt/pocket clip is very short and easily becomes detached from your pocket or belt.It is fortunate that the sturdy design stands being dropped from waist height in damp/wet conditions without damage.
3* Could do better........
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/01/2012
My second BT Elements phone has now expired and I would not recommend this model. The range claimed is no better than a cheap dect phone and the slow response when keys are pressed is extremely annoying. Sounds good on paper but expect to be disappointed.
3* Not that impressive
Reviewed by Rick on 08/09/2007
The belt clip is a waste.
I have dropped the unit many times. Tough it is.
Buy a 'bum bag' to carry it.

1Km range ??? in outer space maybe, but on the ground with the base station in an upper room of a predominantly wooden building, 100 metres AT BEST.
My experience is repeated with a user pal of mine in Scotland using these on his farm. he has his base unit in a plastic box up a 20 foot pole on the roof of his house and he can't get line of sight within 200 metres.
Now... I am a radio Amateur for my sins and I cannot see how you get half a mile at the operating frequency in use. I got half a mile with my old BT Freeway (1.9/49 meg unit)
Sorry BT but 1km absolutely HAS to be a typo.
That this review will never see the light of day I have no doubt.
1* BT elements
Reviewed by Russell on 29/06/2011
Absolute rubbish range only 100yds outside in open fields with no interference from overhead cables etc.(not built up area which i'm sure would be worse) and increased to 130yds if the base itself was moved outside.
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