BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

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BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000

A great baby monitor can make a real difference. It'll help make life easier for you, and give you complete reassurance by keeping you close to your baby, even when you're away.

One of the best buys you can make for you and your baby is a baby monitor. The best monitors have grown up and adopted all sorts of new technology, so you'll be amazed by what they can do.

BT's award-winning family of baby monitors is now complete, with the addition of the BT Digital Video Baby Monitor 1000 - designed to give parents even more reassurance.

  • Clear sound and video
  • Secure Digital Wireless Technology
  • Automatically switches to night mode when it's dark
  • Large 2.8 inch LCD colour screen
  • Excellent sound quality & two-way talk
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • 5 Calming & relaxing lullabies
  • 50m indoor range, 300m outdoor range
  • Check temperature on parent unit
  • Frequency Hopping technology (FHSS) to automatically switch between 52 different channels and avoid interference



Sound Sensitive Indicator
Rubber keys on both units
Mute low/Mute all
Power On/Off
IR night mode
Yes (auto)
Sound activation
Low Battery Alert
Belt Clip
Volume Control
Wall Mount
Vibrating Alert
Temperature Alert
Range up to:
Talk Back
Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

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5* enquiry
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/03/2012
5* Fantastic Baby Monitor
Reviewed by Rachel on 28/03/2012
I love this monitor. The best feature is being able to see my baby when I am in another room. The images are clear and the sound is excellent. I would recommend this to anyone! :-)
5* inquiry
Reviewed by Andrea Goldsmith on 22/03/2012
4* Excellent Product!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 23/01/2014
We received this from close friends when our baby was born. The monitor is superb. You can see your baby on the screen without going to the cot/ moses basket and you don't even need to turn the lights on!

We have been using it now for 7 weeks and there are just a few wee things which would make the product even better.....
1. if there was a time on the screen that would be great and save looking at a clock at the same time as glancing at the monitor.
2. if you were able to control and change the nursery rhymes without touching the video part of the monitor as this wakes baby whilst stretching over the cot.

Just small additions would make it even better.

Overall we would highly recommend this monitor for easy of use, battery life and the fact you don't need to leave your bed to check on the little one. If you're in another room you can talk through the monitor to save you going in to the room.
3* Baby video monitor
Reviewed by Tim on 31/12/2013
This monitor is easy to use and set up, and has all the features we wanted, such as video, mobility, adjustable sensitivity and temperature warnings. In fact we are on our fifth Baby monitor 1000, because so far four have packed up either the screen or power supply cable/socket failing. We now keep all the packaging because we know that within four to six months we will have to send it back! We use an old Tomy as a back up and it's more reliable and built to last, rather than the BT unit which which operationally is very good and well designed, it has clearly been made to a budget and hence fails. A good product let down by unreliability.
1* Not great!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/03/2016
Although the camera is easy to use, the downside is we are on our second charger as they keep coming away from the adapter- this is more expense for us as the camera is out of warranty. I feel this is a real design fault as the monitor is used daily it should be more hard wearing.
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