BT Decor 2500

BT Decor 2500

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Corded telephone with answer machine

  • 100 Name & Number Phonebook
  • 30 minute digital record time
  • 30 number calls list -1571 Message Indicator
  • Handsfree
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Low energy power supply and recyclable packaging


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Customer reviews

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5* £23.00
Reviewed by Joanna Manches on 14/02/2014
5* Joelly
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/01/2014
Must try this one out.
5* bt decor 2500
Reviewed by Anonymous on 16/11/2013
not happy with it not clear when speaking to anyone its keep braking up
5* For my disabled daughter
Reviewed by Jeanne Macedo on 10/05/2012
I trust this iitem will assist her with her mobility and failing eyesight due to MS.
4* very poor display
Reviewed by kriton on 01/01/2015
bought this for my 93 year old Mother. despite having reasonable eye sight she is unable to see the display without a torch. this indicates a backlight is required
4* Disappointing Display
Reviewed by Hugh Walker on 06/03/2014
Bought this recently to replace a BT Relate 3000 which became faulty. Compared to that phone, the LCD display is quite small and indistinct and very difficult to read unless you angle to a light the right way, evfen with max contrast. Nothing like as legible as the old phone. It would have been so much better with a backlight for the display and as it's mains powered this would have been quite possible as the cordless models are. On the plus side, the mains powering means there are no batteries to replace, however if the mains is disconnected, the phone loses its time and date settings. Not sure how long it would retain the directory, hopefully several hours or it would be a right pain. The bigger buttons might appeal to older users but the display would be a problem for anyone without good eyesight.
3* BT Decor 2500
Reviewed by Robert Airston on 06/02/2014
I wished to read reviews as I am about to purchase one. I was obliged to give scores to move on!!!
2* Noisy
Reviewed by Mike on 08/06/2015
It would be ok except that it is very noisy when you speak into the handset on a call. As you speak the sidetone circuit crackles back at you and makes a normal conversation impossible. I returned my first one for a replacement - which turned out to be just as bad. Avoid this product!
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