BT Decor 1200 Corded Phone Silver and White

Product overview



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With ten number memory, Caller display, and an inductive coupler, the BT Decor 1200 is a great business or home office phone.

Top Features

  • 10 number memory
  • Handsfree
  • Volume control
  • Message waiting Indicator
  • Inductive coupler
  • BT Services programmed into directory (can be overwritten)

In order to see who is calling, you will need to subscribe to the BT Caller Display Service for the caller display function on this phone to be activated. The Caller Display Service is available at no extra cost when you sign up to BT's Privacy at Home service. It helps you take control of incoming calls with BT Caller Display and also helps you reduce unwanted sales calls with Telephone Preference Service

Where described as VoIP compatible, this applies when used with the appropriate VoIP service such as BT's Broadband Talk service and hardware such as the BT Home Hub - it is not a standalone voip phone



Product Description
BT Decor 1200 - corded phone with caller ID
Product Type
Corded phone with caller ID
Caller ID
Call Services
Caller ID
Speed Dial Capacity
LCD display - monochrome
Body Colour
Chalk white
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty



Product Type
Corded phone
Body Colour
Chalk white

Phone Features

Call Services
Caller ID
Caller ID Type
Caller ID
Dialer Type
Dialer Location
Function Buttons
Recall button, 1571, memory pause button, mute button
Volume Control
Ringer Control
New call indicator
Additional Functions
Built-in clock

Phone Memory

Phone Directory Capacity
50 names & numbers
Dialed Calls Memory
Speed Dial Capacity
One-Touch Dial Button Qty


LCD display - monochrome
Display Location


Placing / Mounting
Wall-mountable, table-top

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year


BT ADSL Micro Filter RS
Quicklinx: 4D46 | In Stock


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Customer reviews

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5* BT Decor 1200 Corded Phone Silver and White
Reviewed by Jan on 28/09/2011
This is a nice looking quality phone with lots of features that make dealing with calls / messages a doddle. I particularly like the flashing missed call / message indicator lights and easy ring back option. Really pleased I chose this phone and also that I purchased it from BT; I was very impressed with the excellent service they provided and the super low cost shipping fee option and I liked that the phone was sent out in a smart sturdy box that prevented any damage in transit.
5* It works well!
Reviewed by on 15/06/2007
It works nice and sexy. its a good product. i love it. its SEXY
4* Good value. Good quality.
Reviewed by Angela on 14/10/2010
Sturdy, nice looking phone. Very easy to set up, even for me, a pensioner. I kept the default ringtone - a 'proper' phone ring. The others were awful. The display is fine for me, but it does depend on where the phone is positioned. It is slightly annoying having to scroll through all the missed calls to erase the flashing red light, although not a major problem. Overall, I'm very pleased with this phone.
3* BT DECOR 1200
Reviewed by Jeff on 16/01/2010
Nice to except for.
The 3 avaiable ring tones are rubbish and with very little volume control. These ring tones do not seem to carry no good if you have a hearing problem, old phone cost £7 no problem.
1571 voice mail!!!!
1 We cannot delete any voice mail messages unless we connect our old cheap hand set.
2 The Calls light continually flash even though we listened to our messages and they are a couple of days old.
informed BT via email NO RESPONSE!
3* Decor 1200
Reviewed by B Jones on 18/07/2007
The User Guide is misleading in the "View/dial a directory entry" section.

To search for names alphabetically you have to hit the Directory button first (this is not made clear). If you then hit a letter for which there is no name entry it would be better if you got a message to that effect rather than nearby names.

It is a pity that a mains adapter is not an option. Batteries are a nuisance.

That the "Missed Calls" feature is misleading if other phones on the line are answered is ridiculous.
2* no notification of missed calls!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/03/2011
This telephone does not do what the description says it does. I get no notification of missed calls, and no light flashing. The only time the light flashes is if I get an incoming call. There is no call list - it is always empty. I agree with the other reviewer that we need a volume control for use with the hearing aid coupler. Not worth the money!
1* Stopped working after 6 months
Reviewed by Lucy on 03/01/2012
This phone has stopped working after 6 months use. It appears to have a fault where the sound keeps cutting out so the user cannot hear the person on the other end. I wish I had checked reviews of this product more widely before buying as I see on Amazon that there are alot of negative reviews for this model which describe very similar problems. I bought this phone for an elderly vulnerable relative so it is absolutely vital that it is reliable. Now decided to buy another different phone as I can't take the risk.
1* BT Decor 1200 Corded Phone Silver and White
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/11/2010
I have had 3 of these phones. 2 purchased from had the same fault. The loudspeaker kept going in and out and the individual being phoned was unable to hear part of the conversation. I reported this to BT who sent me a free replacement and this does precisely the same thing.BT have tested our line and say the fault is with the equipment and not my line. Abad buy at 3 out of 3 being faulty.
1* No good for hearing aid users.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 24/08/2010
I am a hearing aid user and bought this phone as it is hearing aid compatible.When using the 'T' switch on my aids I can just about hear but there is no way to increse the volume so no good for me.There is only volume control when using the handsfree speaker function.The phone itself is good looking and probably OK for most users with normal hearing.
Another reason for buying this phone was it runs on batteries as my phone socket is not near an electric socket.Most phones with a display use the mains.
I am trying hard to replace my current BT Relate 3000 phone which is excellent but sadly the display no longer works.It had a good clear display,easy to use,uses batteries and good clear sound,30dB gain.Why BT got rid of a phone like the BT Relate 3000 is beyond me!
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