BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit

BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit

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Powerline adapters are the ideal way of creating a home network or complementing an existing Wi-Fi connection. By providing a secure high speed connection and great service quality, powerlines allow you to watch Standard and High Definition (HD) movies as well as play online games without interruption or pixilation; share photos, music and other media stored on a PC or compatible storage device anywhere in your home. Powerline Adapters will help you reach those areas of your home where Wi-Fi signal is either too weak or cannot reach. Other usages of Powerline adapters include IP-CCtv surveillance cameras, setting up an office network without the need to add more wires or rewire if you change your office configuration.

High speed data transmission
Supports speeds of up to 200Mbps. This can easily satisfy applications such as video, gaming, digital music, file sharing, and Internet browsing in the home.

DS2 Compatible
This product is compatible with all other DS2 powerline adapters - it isn't compatible with the "Homeplug" adapters.

No Extra Wires Needed
Every home has its own power line network. Users don't have to use extra cable for network connection in their home.

Plug & Play
To make a network connection in the home, users just plug the adapters into the outlets without configuring any settings.

Extends connecting range and eliminates dead spots
Unlike wireless technology, the Powerline technology can cover in excess of 99% of the home.

More outlets than other wired solutions
It's more convenient to make the connection in the home. On average, there are 45 outlets in a home, while; MoCA (over coaxial) and HPNA (over phone line) only have around 3-5 outlets.


  • LED - Status (multi-color);Ethernet (green): AP (Yellow)
  • Button - On/SBY; CONFIG/F RESET
  • Interface - RJ-45 X 1 for Ethernet connection + a AC power plug
  • Ethernet - Standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u - 10/100 BaseT Auto-sense
  • MDI/MDX support Yes
  • Modulations - OFDM, 1536 Carriers - Flexible frequency configuration
  • Data Rate - Up to 200Mbps
  • Management - HTTP Web-based management; Firmware upgrade via TFTP
  • Security - Mixed DES/3DES encryption guarantees total data security
  • Network Protocols - 802.1D Ethernet Bridge Yes - 802.1Q VLAN Yes - Quality of Service (QoS) Yes
  • Low Pass Filter - Attenuation> 35 dB at 2M Hz; >80 dB at 30M Hz
  • Power - Input: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Output AC fuse 4A
  • Environment Conditions - Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius - Relative humidity 0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions - 65 mm (W) x 40 mm (H) x 132 mm (L)
  • Certifications - FCC, CE, UL

What's in the box?

The following items are included in your PG9020 package:

  • A pair of PG9020 adapters
  • One Ethernet cable
  • One copy of this user guide

Fair Usage policy Please note that for BT employees purchasing this product at the employee price there is a limit of 5 per employee

Please Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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Customer reviews

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5* Dead easy to add to an existing network but read the user guide!
Reviewed by Simon on 16/01/2010
I was wishing to add another adapter to my existing network (the units come pre-paired). To pair another adapter to an existing network (pair) is easy if you read the user guide (p7) of the pdfon this site. Being a typical bloke, this didn't come that easy, but it was pretty simple after that. Cured a problem of poor wi-fi reception in one room of the house without major cost.
5* Very good
Reviewed by richardg891 on 23/04/2010
Solid reliable connection. As with other similar devices, doesn't get near its headline transfer rate, but still orders of magnitude faster than wi-fi. Struggles with HD video but fine for DVD video. No interference problems. The passthrough plug socket is useful, but it does mean the ethernet port is set at the top of the device, which makes cabling uglier. Loses a point for ease of use because I had to download the instruction manual (not supplied).
5* plug and play, brillian
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/03/2008
so easy, get out of box, plug into the wall, computer and hub and off you go. So fast too. Makes Broadband really fast instead of relying on wireless. Brilliant. Buying 2nd pair now.
5* Brilliant product!
Reviewed by Sean on 04/04/2012
Want a reliable connection for stream HD video and gaming?

Then get these over a wireless adapter any day!

Fast and high quality!
5* Two's company, three's a problem...
Reviewed by Paul on 25/11/2008
These are fine if you just have two of them as they autoconfigure, but adding more than this is a problem. I found some instructions involving pressing the buttons on the front panel, but these were useless. Its best to plug the new unit directly into a hub, point browsers at both it and an already working unit, and cut and paste the network ID. You can then disconnect from hub and deploy elsewhere in the home.
5* Brilliant and so simple
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/10/2011
I bought a pair of these to use in my new build large 3 storey house. The distance was just too far for wireless and it kept dropping out. I plugged the one in for the router to connect too with the supplied cable. The other one plugs in on the top floor and I had to provide a ethernet cable for that one but it just worked after a few seconds to auto set up. BRILLIANT!
The cost is the only downside and the lack of a second cable would make the price more justifiable.
5* What is in the package
Reviewed by Don Dickson on 27/09/2011
Potential customers may wish to be aware of this experience.
1 - I chose premium delivery next day service. The delivery did not happen the next business day, after complaining the package was delivered by private car from the courier in two business days.
2 - The package contents does not include a user manual.
3 - The user manual is available for download on this web site and is for a different version of the product. The manual describes a white product (supplied product is black) that includes a standy switch, whereas the supplied product has no standby switch. In other respects the products are similar. One interesting point is that one of the devices indicates it should be connected to the BT Home Hub, and the other device (of the pair) indicates that it should be connected to a BT Vision+ unit.
The downloaded user manual does include all the necessary information on how to install the two devices though you will need an additional network cable as only one is supplied.
5* Simples
Reviewed by Andrew on 16/08/2011
It works and you just plug it in. Made my son's PS3 totally reliable as it was possibly too far away from the router. Nice touch being able to still use the power socket too.
5* BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit
Reviewed by Clive on 18/04/2011
Excellent. Followed the instructions printed from online (none in box), plugged in the units, let then automatically configure indicated by green lights, connected leads to the router and computer and had immediate very fast broadband.
5* Literally plug & play !!
Reviewed by Lesley on 09/02/2011
Couldn't have been easier to set up - literaly plug and play.

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