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The BT Big Button 100 has many accessible features that help make it easier to use the phone for a wide variety of people. The large, well spaced buttons and 13 number memory store are ideal for anyone who struggles to see a smaller keypad as well as making dialling easier for those with dexterity problems. The incoming speech amplification, built in inductive coupler and handsfree features mean users with a hearing impairment can enhance the volume of the incoming speech to suit their individual needs. There are many other useful features such as outgoing speech amplification, dedicated 1471 and 1571 buttons, adjustable ringer tone and volume and last number redial.

Phone with extra large buttons and special features ideal for anyone who has difficulty operating a standard telephone.

  • Hands-free Functionality - no need to hold the handset
  • Easy grip handset and large buttons
  • Call indicator light- flashes when the phone rings or there are messages waiting
  • Hear the number of your last caller
  • Speech amplification - adjust the volume of your voice and that of your caller
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Stores 13 numbers for dialing in an instant
  • Stores the last number you called
  • 1571 Message Indicator
Where described as VoIP compatible, this applies when used with the appropriate VoIP service such as BT's Broadband Talk service and hardware such as the BT Home Hub - it is not a standalone voip phone



Product Description
BT Big Button 100 - corded phone
Product Type
Corded phone
Body Colour
Alpine white
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty



Product Type
Corded phone
Body Colour
Alpine white

Phone Features

Dialer Type
Dialer Location
Function Buttons
1471, 1571
Ringer Control
New call indicator
Additional Features
Large buttons

Phone Memory

Dialed Calls Memory
One-Touch Dial Button Qty


Hearing Aid Compatible
Placing / Mounting
Wall-mountable, table-top

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year


BT 4-Tone loud Indoor Telephone Ringer
Quicklinx: 4KPQ | In Stock


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Customer reviews

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5* big button100
Reviewed by SYLVIA KNIGHTS on 09/09/2011
5* Rubbish !
Reviewed by Adrian on 20/12/2010
I bought this phone for my elderly mother and I have to say that it is completely useless !! Reason ? because the default earpiece volume setting is the lowest (why ?) and the phone resets itself to this setting at the end of every call (why ?). How ridiculous for a phone that should be designed for a confused elderly person with arthritic fingers !!!!!!!!!!! Of course my mum will never remember to press the volume button every time she makes a call - and in fact it has to be pressed not just once but 3 or 4 times to get to max volume.

Apart from that, the volume is not that good anyway, even on max, and also the ringer volume isn't that loud either, even on max.

Far better phone is my mother-in-law's Geemarc CL100 but a bit more expensive.
5* rectification of repeated problems
Reviewed by Peter Kenneth Johncock on 14/11/2010
after reading the reviews on the "big button 100" telephone there seems to be a repetative problem with button 8 and heaaring problems. Am interested in purchasing one of these telephones but has anything been done to sort these repetative falts.
5* This phone is the best
Reviewed by Eliot Witters on 21/03/2010
This phone is the best around, nothings ever gonna keep it down!
5* Big Button Phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 24/02/2010
It is very very good phone....I am disable person. I don't have two legs and i dont have 1 hand. I can't see properly and i can't sit more than 5 min. I dont know how many days i will be living in this world...but big button is very usefull for me to contact everyone and very easy to use
5* Big-Up The Big Button 100
Reviewed by Mr. Alston on 09/09/2007
My 87 year old Mum has problems with her hearing, eyesight and has arthritis in both hands and her current phone was unsuitable. What with her fear of modern technology and a declining memory, learning to use a new phone was going to be a problem for her and a challenge for me. I searched the internet for suitable phones and selected the BT Big Button 100. As an engineer, I can appreciate that BT have designed this phone with the less abled user in mind. It's easy to handle & use and the contollable Amplified Speech facility is a blessing. The full Hands Free option, with the same amplified speech is a delight. Finally, it's Hearing Aid compatible too. Mum took to it like a "duck to water" and then phoned her friends, telling them: "What a wonderful new phone my son has just got me"! Well done BT, not only have you solved my Mum's problems but you've removed my frustration too....and all that for around the £25 mark!
5* Big Button, Big Help!
Reviewed by on 15/06/2007
My mum has had two of these phones over the last 5 years and only changed it because of the discolouring that occurs if it is left in the sunlight. It has been an invaluable tool for her as everything is so clear to see and so easy to use. Even I like to use it as the big buttons make dialling very quick. As for the debate on hearing aid compatibility my mum has had 3 different digital aids and has never had any problem hearing without having to use the amplifier. Overall I would like to say BT has a great product in the Big Button telephone and I hope they don't change it too much in the future.
5* A great phone for those whose sight isn't good
Reviewed by on 15/06/2007
This is a great phone for those whose sight isn't good. My mum is both registered partially sighted and has arthritis in her hands, but finds this phone easy to use and the shape and lightness of the handset is a big plus. I'd recommend this product for anyone with similar problems. Just a small point BT -I know not everyone's a techy, but it would be useful to publish the REN in the extended specifications.

BT Response. Many thanks for your feedback. The REN for this phone is one. For the non-techies REN stands for ringer equivalence number. A standard telephone has a REN value of one and the total REN possible on a BT line is 4, in basic terms, it is the number of extensions you can have. Once the REN value for a line is exceeded you may lose features from some of the phones.
4* BT Big Button 100 Telephone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 18/02/2011
I am just about to order my third phone as most of the features are great. Each previous phone has the number 8 sticking. The latest problem is the handset has died altogether, although the phone itself is still working.
As the price is right we will give this model another try and hope we have no problems.
4* mixed feelings
Reviewed by Joz Latusek on 14/12/2009
I like the phone enough to be buying the same model again. Sadly the one I bought in August had to be returned today with defects that have occurred in recent weeks. The number 8 button was starting to stick sometimes. And despite trying replacement batteries, the 1571 message tone and flasher stayed on even after messages were deleted. I am hoping this was a rogue example and that its replacement will last a lot longer.
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