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The Baby Monitor Pacifier comes with lightshow, MP3 connection, HD-sound and a wider range of lullabies - giving you even more peace of mind with your baby!

The Pacifier comes with a starry night projected light show combined with a wide-range of lullabies (from Mozart to `twinkle, twinkle' which have been proved to calm and relax babies. It also has an MP3 connection so that you can play the baby its favourite song -or yours!

Like the BT Baby Monitor 200 and 250, the Baby Monitor Pacifier has crystal clear HD sound, and a talk-back feature. It has a huge range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, and the temperature-changing nightlight on the monitor changes colour depending on the room temperature so that you can check at a glance. All of our monitors come with various modes of alerting you to sounds in the babies room - full sound monitoring, beeping, vibration, or flashing lights.

So when you want to watch TV or make the dinner in the other room, but want total reassurance that your baby is safe and sound in the cot, the new BT Baby Monitor Pacifier is the Baby Monitor for you.

Main Features

  • Digital sound quality with high definition sound lets you hear your baby breathe, gurgle, snuffle or cry with complete clarity
  • Wireless range of up to 300m outdoors and up to 50m indoors (in ideal conditions, where there is a clear line of sight between the units) - giving you the freedom to move around with clear reception and no interference from other baby monitors
  • Out of range warning
  • Link light provides continuous confidence that the Parent unit is receiving a signal from the Baby unit and will alert you if the link is lost
  • 19 Songs or play your own music from the Baby unit
  • Talk Back feature lets you instantly reassure and calm your baby
  • Adjustable nightlight brightness on Baby unit
  • Lightshow with adjustable brightness on Baby unit
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Crying alert on Parent unit
  • Feed timer and alert on Parent unit
  • Torch on Parent unit



Product Description
BT Baby Monitor - baby monitoring system
Product Type
Baby monitoring system
Hi-Definition Sound
Auxillary MP3 input
Backlit Display
Temperature Changing Nightlight
Travel Bag
Sound Sensitivity LEDs
Wipeable Keys
Low Battery Alert
Battery Type
Belt Clip
Volume Control
Wall Mount
Vibrating Alert
Talk Back



Product Type
Baby monitoring system


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Customer reviews

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5* very good product
Reviewed by mark on 19/01/2015
We have had our baby monitor for 2 yrs now and after a lot of use it has unfortunately stopped working. After calling BT up it is being replaced under warranty with no quibbles - this item has a 3yr warranty as standard on it. We have always found the battery life on it good - if there are problems BT will replace the batteries FOC as per the instruction booklet, and never had any trouble with it in 2 yrs. The light on it is really useful and our baby likes listening to the lullabies on it - she seems to get a better sleep if they are playing.

All in all I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a good quality monitor.
5* Excelent Baby Monitor
Reviewed by Ajay Bhatti on 07/06/2012
The BT Pacifier baby monitor is not only well designed and robust but has all the features a new parent can benefit from. We have been using the monitor since our Baby boy started to sleep in his own cot/room. The unit has a fantastic range and sound quality. It allows to remotely operate the light show and music so you can turn them off when you know your baby is asleep. The torch is also an excellent feature and the fact that you can add your Iphone or MP3 player to the unit to play your own music is fantastic. We would highly recommend this baby monitor and having done much research could not find a monitor that comes close to having all the real features you would want to see.
1* Very poor build quality
Reviewed by Anonymous on 29/12/2013
Unit is useless after 16 months light use. After 13 months the LCD screen failed, meaning we could no longer read the temperature on the handset. After sixteen months, the widely reported issue of the base station no longer charging has affected us.

It seems clear that this item is designed to last 12 months max, and problems will start as soon as the warranty period is over. I genuinely could not recommend a product such as this. I bought this thinking that the BT brand would stand for something - sadly not.
1* BT Baby monitor and pacifier
Reviewed by Jullianna on 19/11/2013
This product was amazing for the first 11 months. Then it started to fail. It turns itself off and does not charge when in the cradle. I have to turn it off and meddle with this to get it to do to this, and the. It will only part charge so as soon as you switch it on, it lasts about 2 to 3 hours? I think the product has own awards as it is a brilliant piece of equipment but will have to be replaced before your child is a year old!!!
1* Sadly a waste of money
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/09/2013
After much research my husband and I decided to purchase this monitor. We were very pleased with how easy it was to set up and use and at first coud not fault this product at all. The lights and sounds are fantastic and were so useful when our son went into his own bedroom. However after 10 months the monitor started randomly switching itself off so we complained and were sent a replacement. Sadly, after just a few weeks the replacement also started switching itself off, but this time we were told we could not have another replacement or a refund! After asking around this seems to be a very common problem so I would definitely not recommended it to anybody. As stated, the features are brilliant but not much use when it won't even stay on!! I was looking forward to using this monitor with our second baby but we are now left without a monitor. Overall, very disapointing.
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