BT Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow

BT Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow

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Top features - Twinkly projected lightshow featuring stars and moons to help your little one drift off to sleep

  • HD Sound for crystal clear audio so sensitive you can hear your little one breathing

  • Temperature display lets you know how hot or cold it is in the nursery

  • 18 lullabies including classical, nursery rhymes, white noise, nature and womb sounds

  • Charging dock, adjustable night light and torch

The BT Digital Baby Monitor 350 Lightshow gives you peace of mind when your baby is resting or sleeping peacefully. There are a host of features to help your baby drift off to sleep and let you get on with things.

Projected Lightshow and lullabies

A built in light show projects dreamy images of stars and moons onto the ceiling. The gentle shapes help calm your baby. The 18 built in lullabies feature classical music and traditional nursery rhymes - from Mozart to `Twinkle, twinkle'. It also a white noise generator with specially tested sounds that help babies sleep including ocean waves, simulated womb sounds and even a hairdryer.

HD Sound and talk back

Like the other monitors in BT's range, the BT 350 Lightshow has crystal clear HD sound and a talk-back feature. The two way talk-back allows you to calm your baby when you're not in the room, while the Hi-definition Sound is sensitive enough to pick up babies breathing.

Night light and torch

Once your baby is asleep, you won't want to wake him or her up. The adjustable nightlight and torch functions allow you to find your way around baby's room without having to turn on the main light.

Huge Range

It has a huge range of up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors, so you can be sure to always be in contact as you move around your home.

Other features

Other features include a mute function, crying alert, page to help you find the parent unit, low battery alert and out of range alert. The parent unit is wipe clean with rubberised keys.

So why BT for your baby monitor?

BT has a long history with baby monitors. Our previous monitors have won almost every award under the sun, including the prestigious Which? Best Buy, Mother & Baby Gold and Prima Baby & Pregnancy Platinum.

BT has been the bestselling digital audio baby monitor brand every year since 2010 (Source: NPD 2013).

The BT 350 Lightshow was designed in the UK. We work with `real' mums and dads throughout our product development to make sure we get the product just right.

So when you want to watch TV or make the dinner in the other room, but want total reassurance that your baby is safe and sound in the cot, the new BT 350 Lightshow is the Baby Monitor for you.



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Customer reviews

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5* all prouducts
Reviewed by brendan ryan on 24/04/2015
very good
3* OK some annoyances then went faulty
Reviewed by Iain on 12/06/2015
I had the previous version of this for my first child, they love it so much they still have it in there room 2 1/2 years later. I purchased this one for my second child, it's a more basic design but the same effect is achieved with the light show, music etc. Remote is improved over the last version but it a little more fiddly as less buttons mean more menus.
The most annoying feature is the power lead keeps falling out at the lightest touch, which often leaves you in darkness at 3am with a crying baby!
After about 6months our unit started playing a loud high pitch tone from the speaker so went back.
3* Disappointing
Reviewed by Toni on 23/11/2014
After owning the BT Baby Monitor Pacifier for 2 years we had to replace it due to the Parent unit no longer working. My husband bought the BT Baby Monitor 350 thinking it was the upgraded version of our monitor. we were very disappointed to discover its not as good. The parent unit doesn't have the shortcut buttons to turn on and off the music and lights - this was a fantastic feature of the other monitor. Nor does it come with a travel case - again a very good feature of the Pacifier. I can only hope the 350 Lightshow Parent unit lasts longer than the Pacifier.
Other than these disappoints, it is a great monitor.
1* Faulty and Dangerous
Reviewed by Alan Jones on 06/08/2016
This item arrived and wouldn't charge on the stand so we decided as we couldn't be without one that we would charge it without the base. This worked fine for a couple of weeks. No the item will charge if you move the cable back and forth but will make noises every now and again. It also gets very hot. We have now stopped using it as it has become a fire risk. BT will not replace it and will not refund the item. We are now taking this matter further.

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