BT Aura 1500 Twin

BT Aura 1500 Twin
RRP £79.99

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BT Aura 1500

  • One of BT's latest ranges
  • Answer machine
  • Store 250 contacts
  • Copy phonebook between handsets
  • 2" colour screen
  • Handsfree speaker
  • 50 number calls list
  • 20 number redial list
  • 20 polyphonic ringtones
  • Illuminated keypad
  • GAP compatible
  • Up to 300m outdoor range/50m indoor


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Customer reviews

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4* Great phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/01/2013
This is a great phone - it has a nice big colour screen and so easy to read. Phone is very easy to use and have had no problems at all with the phone. The contacts list - very easy to enter contacts and to retreive them. Also bought this phone for my elderly mother and she loves it.
3* BT Aura 1500 Twin
Reviewed by A. K Watson on 12/10/2012
Very disappointing purchase. Call list does not show whether calls wer made or received. List of contacts also confusing. No messaging possible. All in I would not recommend
2* BTAura 1500 with Answering Machine
Reviewed by beryl hatton on 04/11/2014
Bought this phone from BT shop on line 2years ago and it has now started displaying "out of range" when ringing, even though it is next to the BT hub and incoming socket. Also bad crackling recently making calls hard to hear. Spent long time with Customer Service and BT checks on my incoming line, all proving OK. Problem not resolved and really fed up. I was told to re-register the base handset to cure "out of range" problem but this has not worked either. There is obviously a problem within the phone as all wiring checks etc. are tested OK. Very difficult to get customer help and time wasting.
2* cannot see connections ned to be same as my diverse5350 very negative would like more details
Reviewed by anne on 31/03/2014
cannot see if connection button will fit this phone my cables are trunked please advise
2* Rubbish phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 12/08/2013
Fed up with this phone. Keeps deleting all contacts which I have to put in again roughly every week. Going to get rid of it.
1* Very Disappointed
Reviewed by George on 01/02/2013
Rubbish phone! Returned first purchase as kept losing contact list. Replacement has exactly the same fault.
1* Awful. Buy another manufacturer instead.
Reviewed by Not Impressed on 28/12/2012
Had nothing but trouble since we bought these in August online from the BT shop. They hold the list of contacts for about 3 days then lose them.
Very frustrating to re-enter your list of contacts twice a week. Asked for a refund and will be buying Siemens handsets instead.
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