BT Aura 1500 Single

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BT Aura 1500

  • One of BT's latest ranges
  • Answer machine
  • Store 250 contacts
  • Copy phonebook between handsets
  • 2" colour screen
  • Handsfree speaker
  • 50 number calls list
  • 20 number redial list
  • 20 polyphonic ringtones
  • Illuminated keypad
  • GAP compatible
  • Up to 300m outdoor range/50m indoor


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Customer reviews

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4* bt aura 1500
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/03/2012
excellent reception & worth the wait for
the experience of purchasing this product
3* Date right - Day wrong
Reviewed by A.Swan on 28/03/2014
An answerphone call is reported on the correct date but the wrong day of the week
3* Good quality......but
Reviewed by Darren Wheeler on 23/08/2012
Probably ok living in a normal house, but living in a stone built cottage I've discovered the range from base station is not as stated. 15m and a stone wall between phone and base station make it virtually unusable
2* Poor clarity
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/09/2014
The microphone on this phone produces a thin tinny sound. It was impossible to hold any sort of conversation with my mother who is hard of hearing and we had to repeat ourselves so much when talking to other friend and family that the phone was a barrier to communication. The help line are curt and a little sarcastic. Their only suggestion was to switch the phone off for 20 minutes and to get back to them if this didn't work. When I got back to them after literally hours of waiting, they had no further suggestions. I have sent the phone back.
2* BT Aura 1500
Reviewed by Jeff on 11/07/2013
Cheap & Nasty product! Would pay more for a decent phone
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