BT Aura 1500 Quad

BT Aura 1500 Quad
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BT Aura 1500

  • One of BT's latest ranges
  • Answer machine
  • Store 250 contacts
  • Copy phonebook between handsets
  • 2" colour screen
  • Handsfree speaker
  • 50 number calls list
  • 20 number redial list
  • 20 polyphonic ringtones
  • Illuminated keypad
  • GAP compatible
  • Up to 300m outdoor range/50m indoor


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Customer reviews

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3* BT Aura 1500 Quad
Reviewed by Graham Webb on 21/01/2013
The BT Aura quad phone system is a fine product in general, BUT (and it's a big but) the problem mentioned by others about the phone book being corrupted is a MAJOR flaw. It has happened to me 5 times in the few months I have had the phone. It makes Caller ID virtually useless unless you are prepared to re-enter the entire list of phone numbers every time it fails.
This phone cannot be recommended until this firmware bug is fixed. Since the phonebook is held in the base unit it doesn't matter how many phones you have.
I would expect BT to fix this bug urgently and to upgrade all previous purchasers. At present, the phone can be regarded as close to not fit for purpose.
2* Aura 1500 Quad faults
Reviewed by Rick Russell on 01/03/2014
I purchased an this model in December 2012. We immediately had problems with the Contacts Directory getting corrupted as other reviews have highlighted. I have re-entered the information as advised by the help desk operative and the problem settled down for a while. But did not disappear completely. In hindsight I should have returned the whole system back to the BT shop and requested a refund. The warranty is now time expired and the problem has now re-occurred with loss of information and duplicated entries. In frustration I obtained a replacement base from BT's recommended repair agent Discount Communications, who hadn't heard of this problem! Having re-installed the new base I now find that the range for the handsets is less than 10 metres and not the 50 metres as advertised for indoor use. I am now sending this base back to the supplier. It's about time BT recognised the weaknesses in this product and compensated the customers for a product that is not fit for purpose.
2* Aura1500 quad
Reviewed by G. Brine on 18/12/2012
I started with the Sonus1500 quad (a lower spec version of the Aura)and after having two sets replaced I changed to the Aura, The aura is a lovely phone, looks good and feels good with some really good features and graphics but unfortunately this has the same fault as the Sonus in that the phone book memory fails and you lose the first entry and the second entry is repeated over and over again which is really annoying as it is quite a slow process to input the directory again, all the help line say is to reset the main (No 1) handset. So until the software has been sorted out I would steer well clear of the Aura and Sonus range of telephones
2* BT Aura 1500 Quad
Reviewed by Chris Firth on 09/07/2012
What a lovely phone - feels good and looks good and the caller ID works correctly every time unlike others that I have. The big prpblem is that it is quoted as having a 250 name contact list. (I bought it because this feature lets me know which member of my club has called). I am only able to reach 70 names before it starts playing games - new names enter twice (one name replacing one of the existing names)and other oddities. Try as I can to get more names into the phone it is not possible. I have been in touch with BT Helpdesk (VTech Helpline) and they can only suggest resetting the phone to factory settings which I have done a number of times without a solving the problem. It would also have been nice to have an SMS capability and a SIM card reader.
1* Phone book corruptiomn
Reviewed by Geoff Machin on 11/07/2013
I have had a Quad set for some months now. To date it has 'lost' my phone book about 6 times. Makes use of phone as a directory absolutely useless. This is a MAJOR problem which BT must sort. Trouble is the reviews of alternative product are not encouraging.
1* Not fit for purpose
Reviewed by Anonymous on 12/04/2013
Absolute rubbish, the phones regularly stop ringing and need to be reset. Also it becomes impossible to use the keypad when making a call. BT say to reset but I have to reset the base and handsets every couple of days to make the phones usable, this is not acceptable. Reading customer reviews elsewhere there are clearly major issues with this phone that BT seem unwilling to address, it should be withdrawn from sale until sorted. Don't buy, you will regret it!
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