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BT 2500 Quad

BT 2500 Quad

Quicklinx: 8H3CWS00
Mfr#: 066261
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BT 2500

  • Digital answer machine
  • Blue backlit display
  • Caller Display
  • 50 Number calls list
  • 20 Number redial list
  • Store 50 contacts
  • Copy phonebook between handsets
  • Make internal calls
  • Handsfree speaker
  • Music on hold
  • Clock and alarm
  • 50m indoor range
  • 300m outdoor range

Answer Machine

  • Up to 20mins recording time
  • Playback via handset and base
  • Recordable outgoing messages
  • Remote access


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Customer reviews

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Could be better
Reviewed by M E Yates. Review Posted 01/04/2013

Set up instructions so lacking.
The available ring tones are so bad.
No assignment of ring tones to incoming numbers.
Wish my old phones hadn't warn out!!

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 5*
hmmm. day three.
Reviewed by Andy. Review Posted 26/04/2013

distinctly average expirience so far. large. chunky, unimpressive or utilitiarian asthetics. after a quick glance on the website when buying, thought these phones had at least a colour screen. only on unboxing that it turns out to be a sticker on the front.
big obvious buttons, monochrome black on blue display from circa 1996. big chunky docking stations. has that whole "care home" feel down perfectly.
the bleeps these make are dull yet still manage to be painfully penetrating, reitterating that i've probably bought these phones 40 years too early in life.

however, call quality actually seems quite good. so maybe the internals are of better standard than the drab
exterior suggests.

also, when writing a review, a text box bigger than two 20 character lines would be appriciated.

  • Overall 3*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 3*
Not impressed
Reviewed by Brian Probetts. Review Posted 07/02/2014

Whoever thought of black text on blue background should find a new career.
Almost impossible to read even with the contrast at it's highest setting.
BT help an embarrassing joke.

  • Overall 2*
  • Ease of use 2*
  • Value for money 3*
Avoid if you use TrueCall
Reviewed by Paul. Review Posted 26/04/2013

Low Rating - as phone will not work with TrueCall Nuisance call device - which we love . Problem detailed to Truecall who have tried to help - but insist down to BT software - whose customer service is totally useless - phones back in box , will give to someone as back up phones - AVOID

  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 1*
  • Value for money 1*

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