BT 1500 Twin

Product overview



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BT 1500

  • Digital answer machine
  • Caller Display
  • 50 Number calls list
  • 20 Number redial list
  • Store 50 contacts
  • Make internal calls
  • Music on hold
  • Clock and alarm
  • 50m indoor range
  • 300m outdoor range

Answer Machine

  • Up to 20mins recording time
  • Playback via handset and base
  • Recordable outgoing messages
  • Remote access
  • Audable message alert


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Customer reviews

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Reviewed by Anonymous on 19/02/2015
HOW CAN i review it when I wave not perchest it yet
4* Mrs.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/10/2015
Incoming ring timer set for 5 rings - insufficient time to get to phone. Cannot find a way to extend number of rings.
No information online or in "set-up" leaflet.
Very annoying !
3* Twin phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/11/2013
First phones went wrong very quickly.Took ages for a replacement and now again one phone not working.Only 9/12 since first purchase rubbish
1* poor quality docking
Reviewed by Jennie on 15/02/2016
Both sets of batteries in the handsets needed replacing within a couple of weeks and the 2nd handset does not sit in the dock properly hence doesn't charge. Unfortunately I didn't realise this until after I'd thrown the boxes away so not sure if I can return the phones.
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