BT 1500 Trio

Product overview



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BT 1500

  • Digital answer machine
  • Caller Display
  • 50 Number calls list
  • 20 Number redial list
  • Store 50 contacts
  • Make internal calls
  • Music on hold
  • Clock and alarm
  • 50m indoor range
  • 300m outdoor range

Answer Machine

  • Up to 20mins recording time
  • Playback via handset and base
  • Recordable outgoing messages
  • Remote access
  • Audable message alert


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Customer reviews

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4* BT 1500 Cordless Phone
Reviewed by Mr Reynolds on 12/08/2014
I purchased two of these handsets for home office use. Although they are easy to use the lack some of the features of the handsets they replaced. I had wrongly assumed that the 1500 had a hands free loud speaker facility but it doesn't and this means that to hear the person you are calling you have to constantly keep the phone to your ear. This basic function is greatly missed. Also the recall list does not retain all of the numbers you dial. If the call doesn't connect the number is lost making redialling a more arduous task. Otherwise it is a good handset with lots of other useful features. Can't comment on the answerphone as I use BT Call Minder.
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