BT 1000 Single

BT 1000 Single

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BT 1000

  • Caller Display
  • 50 Number calls list
  • 20 Number redial list
  • Store 50 contacts
  • Make internal calls
  • Music on hold
  • Clock and alarm
  • 50m indoor range
  • 300m outdoor range


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Customer reviews

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4* Excellent phone
Reviewed by Carolyn on 18/08/2013
No problem with broadband. Ideal if you want a cheap phone with no answering machine.
3* BT1000
Reviewed by Big Den on 30/10/2015
Should have read the spec's and reviews before buying this telephone - there isn't a loudspeaker function and it isn't indicated in the spec's. That's taught me a lesson. I will now have to buy another telephone. I found cheaper telephones with a loudspeaker facility so I can't understand why a top class make doesn't have it.
2* No loudspeaker function!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/12/2014
can't believe there is no loudspeaker button/option!!!
2* broadband
Reviewed by dave on 18/06/2013
the speed continually drops to 1.mbs or lower
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