Best Value Midi-TowerCase +500W PSU (USB 2.0 + HD Audio)

Best Value Midi-TowerCase +500W PSU (USB 2.0 + HD Audio)

Product overview



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New Mid Tower chassis for system building meeting the latest thermal requirements for dual core cpu's

  • Front door opened quick release
  • Piano finish to lower part of front panel
  • 3 x 5.25" included 1 x Steathed DVD cover with blue highlight led
  • USB 2.0 x 2 | HD Audio to front panel
  • Vented for dual core systems to side
  • Excellent heat dissipation capabilities
  • Riveted SECC metal frame
  • ABS Plastic Front panel
  • Removable side panel with grips for easy removal and maintenance
  • Side Panels with filter for best ventilation
  • Expansion Slots 7
  • For Standard ATX and Micro ATX boards
  • Dimensions W172; D 410mm; H 400mm
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Audio Output: Y - HD Audio
  • I/O Ports: 2 x USB 2.0
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 5000g
  • Form Factor: Midi-tower
  • Supported Motherboard Form Factor: ATX / Micro ATX
  • Type: PC
  • Material: 0.5mm SECC
  • Ventilation Fans: External Drive bays: 3 x 5.25 / Internal Drive bays : 6 x 3.5 HDD

PSU Info

  • 500w OEM PSU with Sata Support
  • White boxed product only. For Retail color box version click here
  • Product Code: PS-10 500w
  • Power supply with efficient silent fan operation and in meeting the latest requirements for CPU and motherboard technology
  • 24 pin ready; 2 x SATA;2 x 4 pin; 1 x 4 pin 12V connector
  • Meets Intel v.2.03 enhancedl +12V
  • 230V, Rear on/off power down button
  • Over voltage and circuit protection +3.3,+5V,+12V
  • 100% burn in and hipot tested, short circuit protection
  • CE/TUV/FCC/UL approved; EMI filter built in
  • For Intel and AMD; and all backward compatible CPU's
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Specification: Voltage 230V
  • Cooling Rear 80mm Exhaust Fan
  • Connectors 24pin +4 pin +12V |2 x SATA |2 x 4pin power | 1 x floppy connectors
  • Voltage Load +3.3V 28A; +5V 30A; +12V 34A; -5V 0.3A; -12V 0.8A; +5Vsb 3.0A



Case Form Factor
Mid tower
Motherboard Form Factor
Power Supply
500 Watt

Customer reviews

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5* Grab this case before it runs out!
Reviewed by Steve on 14/11/2013
This is the 6th case i have brought for a cheap pc build, at £20.00 it's great value for money.
5* It works for me
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/08/2012
Had an old pc need a new case found this with a psu pulled all my old parts out of the old pc and installed it to the new case now the system looks brand new again and everything works.
5* Good Value
Reviewed by Steve on 19/06/2013
Case comes with a 500w PSU at £19.99, everything comes perfectly in its original box, Good value for the money
5* Great value case
Reviewed by Ma-Linny Lou Gifts on 18/08/2013
I am not one for spending so much money on a case for system builds. I liked the look of this case so tried it out. It does come with a power supply which has 3 sata and 3 molex plugs but it is very light weight. I did not use this power supply but used a CIT black edition 500w.
The case is spacious with long cables for the jumpers, it comes with plenty of screws and standoffs. The case does not short out your mobo, unless you screw it directly to the backplate without standoffs, of which there are plenty off.
My headers had no problem with bad earthing so overall for the price of £20 I would give it 5 stars all the way.
Ideal budget case.
4* Great value
Reviewed by Ryan on 28/08/2013
Case was a fiddle and the PSU sounds like a jet engine at over 200W no matter 500. The case is perfect and does the job you do not really need anything more, but i would recommend getting a corsair or seasonic PSU of here they have some weight and wont fry your computer.
4* Not too bad.
Reviewed by Tim on 09/10/2014
This is a very lightweight case and the power supply is noisy. The panels are very flexible and fitting a fan to the side panels can cause it to vibrate.

Another thing is the front panel cables can be run just behind it to keep them out of the way but be very careful, the edges of the punched out panels have not been rounded off and are very sharp.
3* Case good, PSU poor
Reviewed by Adrian on 23/02/2015
Case good and spacious for my MSI ATX mobo. Slots for Disk drives somewhat clunky to fit but got there.

Supplied PSU didn't have the 2 4 pin CPU power connectors for the MSI 970x mobo so I used my old Corsair PSU. When I re-used it in my old case, I found it had failed anyway even though brand new.

2* Front Panel Falt spoils nice case
Reviewed by Andy A on 02/05/2012
As a budget case this fits the bill - top to bottom internal rack for multiple drives, fingerscrews for easy side removal and a 500W PSU included which is reasonable quiet. However I quickly discovered that the front Audio ports made a horrendous buzzing noise whenever a front USB device was plugged in. The rear audio port was fine. Upon removal of the front header I discovered that the USB and Audio are grounded together which was the cause of the fault. After some circuit board modifications and A new ground cable soldered in place I resolved the fault and now have crystal clear sound. Oh - and the Hard drive LED light had popped out internally so I now have to reglue that too.
If you're on s desperate budget and don't mind a bit of soldering then this case is fine - but if you're a beginner or new to system building avoid it - there is a serious design flaw in the front header which is a crying shame as the case design with it's blue LED power button is aesthetically pleasing.
1* Rubbish do not buy
Reviewed by Paul on 16/04/2013
DO NOT buy this case, it touches the motherboard when you screw it down on the metal mounting plate shorting it out and blowing it.
I now have to buy a new motherboard.
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