Best Value ME-205B Micro ATX Case + 500W PSU

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  • Blue Power LED light up
  • 500W EZCool PSU with sata support and light up blue led to front panel
  • Riveted 0.6mm Japanese SECC metal frame in metallic silver
  • 2 x USB 2.0 | HD Audio ready
  • PSU- 500w with 1 x sata; 2 x molex
  • CE-ROHS Compliant
  • Dimensions W 175 D 412 H 360mm


  • Audio Output: Y - HD Audio Ready
  • I/O Ports: 2 x USB 2.0
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 5000g
  • Form Factor: Micro ATX
  • Supported Motherboard Form Factor: Micro ATX
  • Material: 0.6mm SECC
  • Ventilation Fans: Ventilation Fans: 1 x 80mm Rear fan Space
  • External Drive bays: 2 x 5.25
  • Internal Drive bays : 1 x 3.5; 2 x 3.5

Customer reviews

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2* Budget case, and it shows.
Reviewed by danbc on 01/05/2013
This is a budget case. Some cheap cases feel okay. This is not one of those cases. It feels flimsy. The steel is very thin. Some of the rivets on my case were not correctly fitted. The drilling is rough. Once you've got everything fitted in and screwed together it feels a bit more sturdy. I wouldn't recommend moving it much once you've got it built. There are *huge* gaps in the back. There's no blanking plate for the motherboard connectors - just a massive hole. This case is the cheapest m-ATX with PSU. It is a case. The paint is reasonably finished. The switches work. These are the only positive things I can say, and really that's the minimum you'd need from a case. You should spend an extra £20 and get a much better case unless you absolutely cannot afford to do so.
2* Flimsy
Reviewed by Mick on 18/06/2013
A little disappointed when this case arrived, at first I thought they had sent an empty cardboard box, it was so light. The case is feather weight due to the 0.6mm sheet steel, but this of course makes it very flimsy.

There are no rubber feet, no pc speaker and only four mounts for the motherboard instead of the required six.

The worst part about this case is the wires to the front USB are so thin that it wont even power my external hard drive.

I didn't need a power supply, which is just aswell because the one supplied is half the weight and size of my 300W PSU.

On the positive side, it looks nice and has nice textured paint job.
1* Simply the worst case I have ever used
Reviewed by Ant on 13/06/2013
Wow, I actually couldn't believe how poor this case actually was. The metal is truly the thinnest I have ever seen on a case, it is not solid enough to support the components and flexes at every turn. The PSU quite simply is not a 500w PSU I am being genuine when I say I am not convinced it is even a 150w unit based upon the weight of it. Positives:
Folded edges around the outside of the case (not inside)
Very light - because it is so thin
The textured feel of the painted sides

Negatives - Space, layout, build quality, PSU.
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