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Best Value Compro Videomate S900 DVB-S/S2 TV Tuner Box Remote

Best Value Compro Videomate S900 DVB-S/S2 TV Tuner Box Remote

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Experience the variety of entertainment available on your computer. With VideoMate S900 USB box, you can now turn your laptop or computer into a full-fledged TV with radio capabilities. Getting to your first TV show takes just a few steps. Simply connect the compact tuner box to an available 2.0 USB port, connect the TV cable (digital LNB necessary!) and the power adapter and then install the software. Now you could receive hundreds of DVB-S/S2 TV channels from the satellites in the sky above you, which you can save to your hard drive, edit and burn with just a few clicks of the mouse.

With MyTheatre, the customized version of the most popular Satellite TV viewing software, you could enjoy the full range of popular features as its original version: the functions include: time shifting, electronic program guides (EPG), digital video recording, teletext and subtitle. You can program the system to record with just a click of the mouse. With pre-scheduled recording, the computer boots up from standby or sleep mode precisely when the chosen television show begins and then saves it on your hard drive automatically. It's even easier to record using the electronic program guide, or directly, while a program is in progress. Just press the corresponding button on the remote control. No matter how you plan your recordings, they can be viewed immediately, even while the recording is in progress! You could burn your favorite recording into CD/DVD discs and share with your family & friends.

Along with IP Software, VideoMate S900 enables you to surf on Internet via Satellite broadband with service provided by major Satellite Internet Providers.

Package Contents

  • VideoMate S900 USB 2.0 DVB-S/S2 TV box
  • Installation CD: MyTheatre software, device drivers, and documentation
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Remote control
  • AAA batteries
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Adaptor (I/P 100-240V, O/P DC12V/1A )

Product Requirements

  • CPU - PIII 1.7 GHz for SDTV viewing, P4 3.0 GHz for HDTV viewing and recording
  • Memory: 512 MB (1.0GB recommend)
  • Available USB 2.0 port
  • CD drive for software installation

Hardware Features

  • Video/Audio processor
  • High-sensitivity silicon DVB-S/S2 digital TV tuner
  • Box dimensions: 103 x 83 x 24 mm (L x W x H)
  • Connectors: RF input (DVB-S/S2 digital TV signal) (F-type connector), USB connector, Power input connector (DC 12V)
  • LNB & Switch control: LNB Supply Voltage: 13V/18V with Short Circuit Protection, DiSEqC: 1.2 Support, Antenna and LNB Control: 22KHz Tone, Max. LNB Supply Current: 400mA
  • IR Remote Control: 47-key remote control for TV viewing and recording

Software Features

  • Watch digital TV shows on your PC
  • Full screen or in a window
  • Easy-to-use autoscan option for available channels
  • Customize channel order and `my favorite channels'
  • Customize color settings & TV audio in each channel
  • Timeshifting lets you watch TV on your own terms
  • Channel surfing for multiple channels preview
  • Supports EPG, Closed Caption, Subtitle and Teletext
  • Language selection in available channels
  • Still frame captures
  • Parental control to lock out selected channels
  • Always on Top feature and hiding window frame
  • Supports MPEG-2 format TV recording
  • DVB-S/S2 TV supports Transport Stream recording
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