Best Value Alpine 700W PSU 120mm Red Fan 4 x SATA (PFC)

Best Value Alpine 700W PSU 120mm Red Fan 4 x SATA (PFC)

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Silent 120mm red fan with low noise technology <20dBA
Packaged in designer retail box
Quiet fan with thermal control
Black coated casing
24 pin; 4 Pin (12V); 1 x 6 pin PCI-e; 4 x Sata; 3 x 4 pin; 1 x FDD
Cable length 45cm
Meets Intel v2.03 enhanced +12V
230V with rear on/off power down button
Over-voltage and current protection +3.3V;+5V;+12V
100% Burn in and hipot tested; short circuit protection
EMI Filter built in
CE/ FCC/ UL approved
ROHS Compliant
+3.3V 24A; +5V 34A; +12V 38A; -12V 0.5A; +5VSB 2.0A

Customer reviews

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5* Great PSU
Reviewed by C.Noller on 30/12/2011
Fitted into upgraded PC and works a treat my Pc is constantly on and have an AMD quad core CPU/Nvidia 430 GPU/ 8 gb ram. Very quiet fan inside and never had any problems in the 12 months that ive been running this PSU.

Would recommend this as a cheap PSU for anyone
5* Great PSU for the price
Reviewed by Mr Simms on 02/11/2011
Came as advertised a great psu for a great price
5* So far so good~!
Reviewed by Lee Williams on 17/05/2012
Installing (+5): The PSU was easy to install, and came with 4 screws for fitting. Cables (+5): The PSU contains: > 3 x 4-pin MOLEX * > 5 x SATA * > 1 x 20(+4) Mains > 1 x PCI-E > 1 x 4 Pin Motherboard connector (* please note these numbers are close guesstimates) Each of the cables are of sufficient length for my tower which is of a medium size (aprox 1.5 times bigger than mobo), and will probably reach hardware if it(PSU) was fitted at the bottom. Problems (+5): So far there have been no issues with this PSU. There has been a slight smell from it, but so far it's Okay! Other: Once I recieved the PSU, I was quirky with it due to it's extremely light weight, but after comparing it to a 450W of similar weight, then a heavier 300W PSU, I was reassured. Currently Powering: 2 x Hard Drives 1 x Blu-Ray Disk Drive 1 x Mobo (durr) 1 x NVidia GeForce 100 (soon to be replaced with ATI Radeon 6770) 1 x 54mbps Wireless PCI card I'll edit this review should any problems arise!
3* Barely up to the task!
Reviewed by Neil on 13/07/2011
Developed a very annoying fan noise after less than 6 months, although it does get a fair load as it's on nearly 24 hours a day, but not drawing more than 500W so well within rating. Nice little PSU at a great price, but it's just not up to scratch if you want something that's reliable.

The cables were very short (a pain in my Coolermaster case where the PSU mounts at the bottom), and I had to buy cable adaptors to get everything plugged in due to lack of length / connectors.
3* You get what you pay for..
Reviewed by Rob on 26/01/2013
Pros: Cheap Cons: Cheap. Cables too short. That said, a 700W PSU for 18 quid isn't a bad deal. I wouldn't be using one permanently though; I bought one as a stopgap prior to a planned upgrade, and it performed adequately, running a (very hungry 9800GTX+, 5 HDD's and 3 internal fans with an AMD 6400 Black Box CPU. There do appear to be quite a few complaints about this unit going pop, so if you're still digging out your credit card, do it with your eyes wide open. Quick tip: DO have a look at the distance between your PSU mount and the ATX power connector on your board. If it's anything over a foot you'll need a 24-pin extension cable. BT does those too ;-) Also - only a 4-pin EATX12v power connector. And the PCI-e power lead is a 6-pin.
1* Snap, Crackle, POP!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/02/2013
I bought this product for my new amd fx 8350 processor with an msi gtx 660 oc edition ], got everything set fine, it worked for the bios setup and windows installation, when everything was set up correctly i decided it was time to test the power of my new rig, so i blasted Arma 2 at full graphics, played one of the benchmark missions and got 26fps, unbeliveable considering everything was on full. Shortly after, i then lowered the settings to see what the framerate would be next... Then after clicking start mission, the computer turned off and a flash accompanied with a crackling sound and a loud pop, loud enough to wake my parents, then a smokey haze appeared through the case, i died a little.. the smell of frazzeled electronics whafted through the room. Later that day i ran some tests to find out what happened, nothing turned on so i plugged in an ancient psu. It worked :) ,my other components had survived, luckily. this alpine 700w psu had died within a night (7hrs),not worth a penny
1* Lasted 2 weeks
Reviewed by Paul Higgins on 16/04/2013
Unit packed in after only 2 weeks medium use powering a Motherboard, 4 fans, 1 DVD ROM, 1 HD, wireless card and a graphics card so not very stressed. I'm now awaiting a replacement under warranty. Hopefully this will be a better one and survive longer. I've had cheap PSUs before that have lasted ages so was disappointed with this one.
1* Don't bother!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/06/2014
I recently purchased a new graphics card for my PC but needed a new PSU to power it. I was a bit short of cash so I wanted something cheap/affordable that worked well. I stumbled across this PSU and was astounded by the price so I purchased it. Fitting it was easy but that's the only good thing I can say about this product. It worked well during set up but that's when everything went downhill. It would heat up really bad and when I went to test out my new GPU the unit worked for 20 minutes until everything shut off. The device then made a loud bang and sparked numerous times followed by some thick black smoke that filled the room. I unplugged everything and immediately jumped online and started looking at other buyers' reviews and with no surprise other people had reported the same thing happening to them. Do NOT buy this product and shell out a little more cash on a good branded PSU with an 80+ certification.
1* Rubbish PSU
Reviewed by Adam on 19/12/2011
Died after 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks of use it randomly shut the PC down. Made a big pop noise and could smell burning. Don't know how this effected my other PC components til I get another PSU but I'd stay well clear of this one.
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