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Best Value Adin Dancer3+ 5W Vibration Speaker, Radio - Black

Best Value Adin Dancer3+ 5W Vibration Speaker, Radio - Black

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Vibrating speaker

ADIN introduces the New Dancer 3 plus Vibration Speaker. Turn almost any hard surface into a speaker using the incredible sound transducer contained within this compact device. Walls, floors, windows, doors, coffee tables and almost anything you can think of can become your 360 degree sound system. The built-in rechargeable battery will give you up to 3 hours of sound so take it away on day trips, or just carry it around the house. This device can play music from any source that has a 3.5mm jack socket using the included cable, or alternatively pop a micro-SD card containing your favourite tracks into the micro-SD card slot and away you go. Not sure what to play, then you can also use the built-in FM-Radio and enjoy their playlist instead.

With magic audio frequency fixture

Quite different from the traditional on which base on electromagnetic coils

Makes any hard surface play euphonious musical notes, such as wood, glass, floor, metal surface, and more

You will hear various materials around you, which play different music quality in different sides

Enjoy yourself in the freedom of music

New sound principle will bring new musical lifestyle to you

Audio quality maintains the same level no matter it is large or small

Exploits new times that high quality audio equipments are joining in the trend of fashion and portability

New stylistic products of audio frequency

Small and used to furnish audio frequency for PCs, music mobile phones, MP3/MP4s, CD palm players, and other portable fixtures

Aluminum Alloy
3.5mm Audio jack
Micro SD card & FM radio compatible
Micro USB connection
Lithium Ion battery, 3.7V, 650mAh
Power supply: rechargeable Lithium Ion battery,5W, DC 5V output power
Playtime: 2-3 hours / Charge time: 2-3 hours
USB cable, DC 5V adaptor