Best Value 999 Modded Case with USB 3.0 & Fan Control Red Fans

Best Value 999 Modded Case with USB 3.0 & Fan Control Red Fans

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999 Modded chassis with fan speed control - adjust the brightness and speed of your fans.

  • 1 x USB 3.0 | HD Audio to front panel | 3 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x 140mm Red fan to side | 1 x 120mm Blue LED fan to top
  • Screwless chassis for hard drives and dvd rom
  • For Standard ATX and Micro ATX boards
  • ROHS Compliant
  • mesh finish front panel
  • 4 x 5.25" | 1 x 3.5 | 4 x 3.5 HDD
  • Fully Vented chassis top side front rear
  • Excellent heat dissipation capabilities
  • Riveted SECC metal frame screwless finish
  • Removable side panel with grips for easy removal and maintenance
  • Side Panels with filter for best ventilation
  • Expansion Slots 7
  • For Standard ATX and Micro ATX boards
  • Dimensions W180; D 440mm; H 465mm
  • ROHS Compliant


  • Manufacturer:Modded
  • Audio Output: HD Audio Ready
  • I/O Ports: 1 x USB 3.0 | 3 x USB 2.0
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 5300g
  • Form Factor: ATX | mATX
  • Supported Motherboard Form Factor: ATX
  • Material: Secc Metal 0.6mm internal drive case
  • Ventilation Fans: 1 x 120mm top | 1 x 120mm Side | 1 x 120mm Rear fan space
  • External Drive bays: 4 x 5.25
  • Internal Drive bays : 1 x 3.5 | 4 x 3.5 HDD



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Customer reviews

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5* Great Case~!
Reviewed by Lee on 27/12/2012
Looks = 5
It looks great, specially in the dark with the fans on full.

Space = 5
I'm not a mobo expert, but with several holes inside I'd say it'd fit almost any mobo put inside.
There's enough slots for extending your rig (check the specification), there's 2 fixed slots for 3.5" HDD, with a removable holder for another 2- personally removed it as I only use 2 HDD's, and it obscures 2/3rds of the front fan

Functionality = 5
I wish the speed control turned a bit more, but that's just a nit-pick. All front-panel covers have dust filters. The covers are also easily removed and re-fitted. The HDD Activity LED (or bar :P) is easily viewable from any angle, unlike several other cases where you have to be annoyingly eye-level to see the LED.

The case is supplied with a bag of an assortments of screws for fitting your components and is perfect if you need a big(er) case.
PS, only the side fan is red, the top and front fan are both blue but it makes a nice purple against the wall :P
5* Best Value 999 Modded Case
Reviewed by Arnold Bloomberg on 24/04/2013
This computer case is without doubt the best value for money!
PROS: Comes with risers and a selection of screws, as well as a mini speaker to sound the beeps on POST.
Easy install of the motherboard.
The screw-less housings for the hard & optical drives work a treat.
CONS: The side panel fan is wired so that you cannot disconnect it, thus awkward to move.
The case is advertised with three fans but it only has two.
It needs self-tapping screws for any expansion cards....there are none provided.
Apart from these three minor points, I must conclude by saying to everybody...BUY THIS CASE!
5* Sleek Case
Reviewed by Steve on 24/08/2012
A very well built case with a sleek design, i really wished that the lights at the front moved from side to side so it resembles Kit in Knight Rider, but at the price i got it for i'm not complaining, Over all if you are looking for a case that makes you PC look that little bit special this is the case for you.
4* Impressive!
Reviewed by Johno on 12/03/2013
This case looks smart and has plenty of space for everything you may want to put in it. It may not be the best looking or most practical but I would be surprised if you could find something better at the same cost. 3 controlable LED fans and a USB 3.0 port - excellent. Everything I was looking for. I used this for my first build and I'm very happy with it. I did run out of screws when it came to fitting the optical drive but it wasn't difficult or expensive to find a few more and I had already fitted 2 hard drives.
1* Dont buy!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/03/2013
You don't realize just how poor quality it is until it turns up at your door. The case is covered in a relay poor quality plastic on the top and front and was mostly broken when it arrived. Had to send it back. No good to me whatsoever. what you pay is what you get lesson learned!
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