Best Value 600W PS05 Alpine Gold Fan PSU SLI & 4 x SATA

Best Value 600W PS05 Alpine Gold Fan PSU SLI & 4 x SATA

Product overview



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Limited Edition GOLD fan version of the Alpine PSU


  • SLI ready psu with 4 x Sata
  • Silent 120mm fan with low noise technology <20dBA
  • Packaged in designer retail box
  • Quiet fan with thermal control
  • Black coated casing
  • 24 pin; 4 Pin (12V) (Sleeved) ; 2 x 6 pin PCI-e / SLI ready; 4 x Sata; 3 x 4 pin; 1 x FDD
  • Cable length 45cm
  • Meets Intel v2.03 enhanced +12V
  • 230V with rear on/off power down button
  • Over-voltage and current protection +3.3V;+5V;+12V
  • 100% Burn in and hipot tested; short circuit protection
  • EMI Filter built in
  • CE/ FCC/ UL approved
  • ROHS Compliant
  • +3.3V 22A; +5V 32A; +12V 34A; -12V 0.5A; +5VSB 2.0A

Customer reviews

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5* So Far So Good
Reviewed by Michael on 10/12/2012
5 month on a GTX 560 (non Ti) core i5, and its fine.
5* So Far So Good
Reviewed by Steve on 28/01/2013
I have two GTS 250s Running sli on this PSU and so far it hasn't missed a beat, 14 months on!
5* 3yrs and still ticking
Reviewed by Sebby on 06/03/2015
Had the Alpine for about 3yrs and it's still ticking, this PSU is like my little work horse as i run my PC 24/7. What a shame that they are out of stock at the moment,been waiting very patently for them to arrive back in to stock.
5* Great product
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/12/2012
Been running for a year now, and its very quiet!
5* So far so Good!
Reviewed by Hatch on 14/08/2012
So far so Good, i have had mine for almost 7 months and it is still running nicely, i would recommend this to anyone that needs a low cost psu that has all the cables and connectors a person needs.
4* Great at Price
Reviewed by Kwik on 05/03/2014
At the price can't really fault it but will say it's a bit lightweight and noisy compared to my csm650.

Apart from that it works which is the main thing!
3* Terrible Blew up after a 3 months
Reviewed by Oliver on 29/03/2013
This PSU packed in after about three months it literally went "POP" also it tended to get very warm. However it looks very good with the gold fan but overall I wouldn't buy again nor any of the same brand due to the potential damage it could have done to my system. I now have a corsair 600W and the extra price is worth it better in every dimension.
3* Lasted for over 2 years
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/04/2014
I installed this in December 2011 and it died in mid April 2014 so over 2 years of use. Is very quiet not bad for the price
1* Failed after 3 months
Reviewed by CB on 10/08/2012
I installed one of these into a new PC Build. It was reasonably quiet, but has just failed (it literally went 'pop') after 3 months of moderate usage. So my recommendation would be to look elsewhere.

1* Terrible
Reviewed by Anonymous on 23/09/2012
While the PSU and cables appeared to be of good quality, this power supply failed after about 3 months, complete with loud sizzling noise and the smell of burning. Unsafe, and not fit for sale.
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