Best Value 32GB SDHC Memory Card(Class10)

Best Value 32GB SDHC Memory Card(Class10)

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Play, store, backup, and more with Storage Options!
Storage Options presents high-speed, high-capacity Secure Digital memory cards suitable for use in the latest digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, and other SD compatible devices.

Secure Digital cards are ready to cope with rapidly increasing demand for portable storage capacity, convenience and reliability.

With its flash-based memory technology, this Secure Digital card has no moving parts, making it ideal for durable, portable data storage.

It is also compatible with devices that require "Class 10" Secure Digital technology for sustained high-speed and real-time recording (e.g. High Definition camcorders).

Store thousands of photos, hours of video, or hundreds of music albums on this SD High Capacity memory from Storage Options.

32GB capacity
Class 10
FAT32 file system
RoHS compliant
Compatible with SD Specification v.2.0
Mechanical write-protection switch
Supports CPRM for SD-Audio

Customer reviews

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5* Oops, it's better than I thought...
Reviewed by Phil Cutting on 28/05/2011
I need to amend my previous review. This card has been languishing in my camera bag for some months until I recently bought a somy ex1 pro camcorder and some sxs adapters. I tried the card in them and... What do you know? Works faultlessly. I even tried it at the full 35mb setting, with no problem. So I have to apologise to all those people, including BT, who dismissed this card on the basis of my review. I still don't know why my other camera didn't like it though.
5* Very good!
Reviewed by Grace on 12/05/2011
I purchased 2 of these in February for laptop backups, for which they are excellent, I was suspicious of video performance given the other review, so lent one to a friend to try in their new camera, it works without any problem.
1* Class 10? I don't think so!
Reviewed by Phil Cutting on 29/11/2010
Seeing the Class 10 label, I bought this for my video camcorder. However, after installing it I received an error message that my capture rate was too high. I lowered the rate with the same results. Eventually the message came up: "you can't use this for video." I expected something to be wrong considering the price, a Class 10 card should be over £100 but you should be warned that this card is no use for video. It is a very cheap memory card though, so I have given it a reasonable score on that basis.
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