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Best Value 1006 Black Micro ATX Case NEW Design 24pin SATA 450W

Best Value 1006 Black Micro ATX Case NEW Design 24pin SATA 450W

Quicklinx: 5HM3WS00
Mfr#: DABS VAL 1006
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Black Micro ATX Case NEW Design 24pin SATA 450w


  • Model Number : 1006
  • Case Material : 0.5mm SGCC
  • Form Factor : ATX / Micro ATX
  • Dimensions : 173mm (W) x 368mm (H) x 365mm (L)
  • PSU Sata Connectors : 1
  • PSU 24 Pin : Yes
  • Compatibility : Intel and AMD
  • Motherboard Supports : Compatible with Motherboards up to 305mm x 244mm
  • Front I/O Ports : USB2.0 x 2
  • Front Audio Connector
  • Front Microphone Connector
  • Cooling : 1 x 8cm Fan Included
  • Free fan spaces : 1 x 8cm/9cm/12cm Fan
  • External Bays : 5.25" x 2
  • 3.5" x 1
  • Internal Bays : 3.5" x 2
  • Expansion Slots : 7



Motherboard Form Factor
Case Form Factor
Micro tower
Power Supply

Customer reviews

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cheap good value case
Reviewed by . Review Posted 13/01/2010

as to be expected the case isnt the thickest or strongest out there and the power supply is a cheap and noisy unit. but for the price good vale.
The case is a compact size perfect for MATX budget builds and looks good from the front too.

Only thing to be aware of is the power supply, apart from being noisy, is located at the bottom front of the case with the vent facing the floor. could be a problem if put on a deep pile carpet.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
For when size & cost matters
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 15/04/2010

Design is overall pretty good & mostly a trouble free installation. Packaging is poor with the 1st case arriving damaged beyond use, replacement was fast and easy. Installation tips would be the removal of the I/O shield which may deform the back of the case & the front doesn't easily detach being mounted on 6 plastic plugs. Case front features no frontal ventilation & the DVD flap is best removed. All plastic used tends to be fragile. There is 2x 3.5" bays if the frontal 3.5" bay isn't used. Good luck fitting 2x 5.25" drives, 2nd bay has little depth. You may loose the bottom PCI slot on an ATX board as the power lead is on the case floor. Additional fan mounting on case floor is handy. However it is the smallest case I know of that can fit an ATX board & is value for money. £23 doesn't get you much of a PSU on it's own; if you're after something to just contain parts and fit in a small desk this works.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 5*
Pretty good for the price
Reviewed by Steve. Review Posted 18/01/2010

Pros are it's very cheap, a decent size with nice styling and has a resonably good layout inside. It's also fairly light.

There are a few drawbacks; noise (from power supply and due to thin metal / lack of soundproofing), some of the supplied screws etc. don't fit very well (make sure you have spare stand offs etc) and the ATX power supply only has one SATA power connector, so you'll need an adapter if you have more than one SATA drive.

Also the case fan only has an ATX power adapter rather than a 3-wire mobo controller, so it will only run at 100%. I disconnected mine as the CPU cooler was enough in my case. Finally you can forget about PCI power for your fancy graphics card!

Overall a cheap and cheerful case+PSU - one for the kids PC, but not perhaps your main rig.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 5*
No problem, but no mains power lead!
Reviewed by David. Review Posted 22/10/2010

Straightforward case, no problems with it, but be aware that it comes without a mains power lead.

Just bought 14 of these and not a problem for me as fortunately I had a pile of spare unused mains leads.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
Best Value Case
Reviewed by S&G Computers. Review Posted 22/11/2009

For a cheap entry level case this is one of the best I have used, quiet even the case fan which I normally change. Location of the power supply means Atx boards can be fitted in a small case, at this price you cant go wrong.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 5*

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