Belkin Switch2 for PC USB - KVM switch - 2 ports

Belkin Switch2 for PC USB - KVM switch - 2 ports

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Belkin Switch 2

Two computers. One monitor. No Problem. Business professionals who bring home their laptops spend countless evenings in front of a small display and cramped keyboard. Thanks to Switch2 for PC, you can now use your big monitor and full-sized keyboard for both your laptop and home computer. It's simple. Just press the remote to switch your monitor from one computer to the next. Switch2 for PC is also great for connecting your old and new desktop computers, so you can access files and programs effortlessly using the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse.



Product Description
Belkin Switch2 for PC USB - KVM switch - 2 ports
Device Type
KVM switch - 2 ports
2 x KVM port(s)
KVM Users Qty
1 local user
Dimensions (WxDxH)
10.2 cm x 9.5 cm x 2.5 cm
369 g
System Requirements
Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
United Kingdom
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years warranty
Bundled Services
3 years warranty



Device Type
KVM switch - 2 ports
Enclosure Type
2 x KVM port(s)
KVM Local Users Qty
1 local user
Keyboard / Mouse Interface
Max Resolution
2048 x 1536 @ 65 Hz
Status Indicators
Port status

Expansion / Connectivity

2 x VGA - HD-15 , 2 x keyboard (USB) / mouse (USB) - Type A , 1 x keyboard (USB) - Type A , 1 x VGA - HD-15 , 1 x mouse (USB) - Type A


Included Accessories
Remote control
Cables Included
1 x keyboard / mouse / video cable - 0.6 m , 1 x keyboard / mouse / video cable - 1.8 m , 1 x remote control cable - 1.8 m
United Kingdom

Software / System Requirements

OS Required
Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP

Dimensions & Weight

10.2 cm
9.5 cm
2.5 cm
369 g

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 3 years

Customer reviews

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5* Works Great
Reviewed by Henry on 11/03/2009
Have a laptop on a docking station and a desktop both running XP. Was a bit unsure how well the switch would work with my wireless keyboard and mouse. Works perfectly everytime, no hanging just swift interaction between both PCs. Fully recomended, not sure how anyone has a problem with this bit of kit!
5* Excellent bit of kit
Reviewed by Jim on 08/05/2007
Had one of these beauties installed for a week now and I couldn't be happier. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo and was worried that the single USB connection might cause problems. It doesn't. they both work perfectly and all the shortcut buttons work just as they should. Simple to install. Cheap. What more can you ask for.
5* Great bit of kit
Reviewed by Dylan on 12/06/2008
I have two PC's, one running Windows XP, the other running Linux (Ubuntu). I plugged the cables in (took less the 30 seconds), and turned the machines on - worked perfectly. No software to install, no fuss.

Would recommend this product to anyone needing a basic KVM switch.

If I'm being very picky, then I'd complain that switching to the Windows machine takes 1.5 - 2 seconds for the keyboard and mouse to be activated (the monitor is immediate). This delay is not present when switching to the Linux machine. I think the delay is actually Windows, not the switch.
5* Epic piece of kit
Reviewed by Johnny on 17/03/2009
Fantastic bit of kit, using it to switch XP home sp3 and a Red hat server - only complaint is that the screen is slightly off centre which is easily fixed by the auto-adjust button on my monitor and it takes a little longer for xp to realise it's back in control(that's a microsoft complaint though!)

would recommend to anyone! Don't buy another monitor!!
5* Makes life so easy!
Reviewed by Ted on 25/03/2008
I have one monitor/keyboard/mouse, a PC and a laptop, and use this switch to alternate between laptop and PC. I have also enabled the Graphics Options on the laptop to Extended Desktop, allowing me to keep my email running on the laptop screen while using the Switch2 to alternate views on the monitor between laptop and PC for my work. The switch was easy to install, has worked faultlessly, and made my life so much easer.
4* Patience is rewarded
Reviewed by pjg50 on 30/10/2008
Initially I had trouble getting this switch to work: I have a new laptop and a newish desktop, and I wanted to use a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I could power on either computer and work normally, but I couldn't get it to switch between computers.
Then I downloaded some software from Belkin that added an icon to the task bar (XP on the laptop, Vista on the desktop). Using this it switches perfectly, taking about 2 seconds for the mouse/keyboard to start, but the display coming much sooner.
I guess I might have a faulty remote control, but I don't care. Using the key combination of ctrl+ctrl is much easier and keeps my desk clear.
A good buy.
4* Good value
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/12/2007
I use this to switch between my two PCs using a TFT monitor. So far I haven't had any real problems apart from the occasional glitch. Ian, if you need advice try here: KVM Switches
4* Does exactly what i was looking for.
Reviewed by Chris on 31/01/2008
I have had an Xbox 360 for a while now and managed to find the official Xbox lead so i could play it on my computer screen. However this meant unpluging the monitor forom the computer all the time if i wanted to play on the Xbox.
I bought this KVM switch as a bit of a gamble. it was expensive if it didn't work, but i was hopeful. It turns out that it works superbly. I can be playing COD4 one minute then switch to the computer to chat to someone. Not a desktop or laptop, but still works brilliantly and saves alot of space. I have had no problems in switching from one to the other as Ian has and I would recomend it for students with little space and who can't afford another screen.
4* Seems to do a good enough job
Reviewed by Anthony on 07/11/2008
Just bought this to use with my Dell desktop (XP SP3) and Tosh notebook (Vista Home Premium). Like one of the other reviewers, the manual switch didn't seem to work but the software download (need on both PCs of course) did - and is more convenient anyway. Must say that my Flatron 18" display doesn't look quite as bright but that may well be my imagination. Else seems to work OK including extending display on laptop to use both screens.
4* Works fine but software sensitive to which way box is cabled
Reviewed by Anthony on 16/11/2008
After a couple of glitches with the manual control (I may not have had the plug pushed in firmly) it worked fine on my Vista laptop and XP desktop. However, when I installed the Switch2 software on both machines, the desktop PC failed to intialise the switch so I had to use the manual switch for going from desktop to laptop. I phoned Belkin support and a helpful guy took me through the obvious tests. The resolution was to plug the shorter cable from the KVM into the desktop and use the longer cable to attach the laptop. The software now works fine on both machines.
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