Belkin RJ45 2-Port Passive Hub

Belkin RJ45 2-Port Passive Hub

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Belkin, the recognized leader in PC cabling and connectivity, offers its LAN products line to provide advanced, easy-to-install, high-performance networking solutions. Belkin makes sure you have what you need to quickly and properly set up a Local Area Network in a home or small office environment.



Product Description
Belkin - hub - 2 ports
Device Type
Hub - 2 ports



Device Type
Hub - 2 ports
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Expansion / Connectivity

Network node: 2 x RJ-45 , Network host: 1 x RJ-45

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3* limitations
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/08/2007
as previous reviewer says, it is just a passive male to 2 female RJ45 converter..and as he says, it does not fit readily into a typical port, I had to do some (quite easy) trimming with a Stanley knife.

That said, it is easier to have two ethernet cables loose fitted into it and only the one in use fully pushed in than chase the cables around behind the desk. So its as near to what I want as I can probably get and arrived next day without paying a surcharge
1* Total waste of money
Reviewed by on 21/01/2005
If your after a network hub this is not what you want. It is tiny and looks like a plug in telephone splitter but with RJ45 connectors. It did not work with our network and as the male network connector is part of the hub it did not fit properly into the fixed network connection (there was no 'click' resulting in cable pulling it out). It looks very cheap, certainly not worth £7+, and has no markings on it or the packaging that confirms it is made by Belkin. Could not find product on Belkin sites or picture anywhere. Only get this if you are really convinced you know what you are buying. I would give this product 0 out 5. Hope this helps.
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