Belkin Laptop Cooling Platform with Fan

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The Laptop Cooling Stand's unique patented wave design prevents your laptop from overheating. It uses natural convection to enhance fan cooling, and ensures low power consumption via your laptop's USB port. It requires no bulky power adapters.



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Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand notebook fan
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Notebook fan



Product Type
Notebook fan

Customer reviews

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5* Does its job Well!
Reviewed by Tracy on 06/04/2008
This is light weight and very easy to use, and very quite. It is easy to set up with a drop support. Only thing I can complain about is that the storage compartment for the wire is hard to open, but I have found that the wire dose fit in the space under the support leg, so I keep it there as it is easier to get to. It makes typing easy to do.It was well worth the money. And I liked it so much I got one for my sister.
5* Ice cool, extremely effective
Reviewed by Ed on 24/05/2008
This product is quieter than my own laptop fan (a worry I had before buying), and keeps my laptop at room temperature. Fits a 15.4 inch laptop, but probably would not fit anything larger. Incredibly effetive, and even keeps my south-facing office cooler on hot days!!! I had found my Acer laptop to be almost too hot to touch on the chasis in several places. This can not only damage surfaces, but also reduce the performance of the machine. After over a year of propping it up on bottle caps, I decided to invest in a USB cooling dock. I would reccommend this product to anyone.
5* Couldn't be happier
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/08/2008
A fantastic product. Simple, easy to use, does exactly what is says on the tin. I cannot believe how cool it keeps my laptop, even after a mammoth session!
5* What a find!
Reviewed by Carolina on 27/02/2009
I never even knew that such a product exists! I had real trouble with my laptop getting red hot. My husband found this cooler for me and what a difference it made! Fantastic thing and great value for money!
5* Buy it...
Reviewed by Ian on 18/07/2008
This product is ideal for those laptops with air intakes on the bottom. Most coolers draw air away from under the laptop, which defeats the purpose if your laptop has an air intake on the bottom. This one blows air toward the bottom of the laptop, helping the laptop's own fans along with the cooling process.
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