Belkin 2-Port KVM Switch with Built-In Cabling PS/2

Belkin 2-Port KVM Switch with Built-In Cabling PS/2

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Use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two PS/2 computers. Now you can add a second computer to your home or office, and access both computers from the same desk space. Switch your monitor from one computer to the next with a simple hot-key sequence on your keyboard. The 2-Port KVM Switch includes two 6-ft. cables to connect your computers.



Product Description
Belkin 2-Port KVM Switch with Built-In Cabling - KVM switch - 2 ports
Device Type
KVM switch - 2 ports
2 x KVM port(s)
KVM Users Qty
1 local user
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years warranty
Bundled Services
3 years warranty



Device Type
KVM switch - 2 ports
Enclosure Type
2 x KVM port(s)
KVM Local Users Qty
1 local user
Keyboard / Mouse Interface
Max Resolution
2048 x 1536 @ 65 Hz
Built-in Devices
Led panel
Status Indicators

Expansion / Connectivity

2 x VGA - HD-15 , 2 x keyboard (PS/2) , 2 x mouse (PS/2) , 1 x VGA - HD-15 , 1 x keyboard (PS/2) , 1 x mouse (PS/2)


Cables Included
2 x keyboard / mouse / video cable - 2.4 m

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 3 years

Customer reviews

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5* Works with Linux!
Reviewed by sparlock on 15/07/2007
Contrary to another reviewer mine works fine switching between my (K)Ubuntu Linux desktop PC and SMEserver Linux server. Also between a customer's WinXP desktop and the Linux server I did for him. So, no problems, excellent product, good value.
5* Well worth it
Reviewed by Anonymous on 18/06/2006
This is the first kvm i've bought and i'm very impressed with it. I did a little research around this product first and saw a few people saying that it didnt work well with keyboards that have function keys.. i have a wireless keyboard and mouse with lots of function keys and they work a treat. Also some people were saying this product gave ghosting on the monitor of one PC.. i found this at first but if you set the refresh rate of both PCs to the same(and one they both like) for me it was 72mhz , then there is no sign of ghosting at all. overall this is a great buy for the money it cost's and personally ive had no problems with it at all.
5* We bought twelve.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 25/07/2006
We bought twelve. They are abused by students but they all still work. The only glitch is an unexplained change of hot key sequence. Instead of Scroll_Lock, Scroll_Lock, Up/Down_Arrow it changed to Ctrl, Ctrl, Up/Down_Arrow. Not a big problem.
1* Could be a great unit BUT doesn't work with Linux!
Reviewed by on 07/08/2006
If you are running Windows then I am sure this is a great product. BT claims "PC" compatibility and this is re-enforced by Belkin's website and the packaging, which has "multi-platform and Linux compatible" specifically stated. I have one Windows XP laptop and one Ubuntu Linux PC. You can switch from the laptop to the PC, but the keyboard combination (the only way to switch) then refuses to switch back. After trawling the web in a desperate attempt to get this working I finally gave up after all the sites said "give up, it doesn't work, even though they say it does". So I am currently stuck with a useless KVM. Beware, the packaging is heat sealed plastic, so, even though it says it is compatible, the only way to find out it does not work is to cut the packaging open! Belkin's website now offers the Switch2 instead (not offered on BT) which has an independent switch/remote. I suspect this is because of the aforementioned problems and would, I expect, work. Not happy.
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