Asus CINE5 5.0 Channel Surround Sound Bar

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The ASUS Cine5 PC 5.0 Surround Sound Bar Delivers Amazing, Multi-directional Sound for the Most Realistic Gaming and Movie Experience

Leading Surround Technology for True Cinematic Enjoyment

The Cine5 is the first PC speaker in the world to offer leading surround sound presence with the new "Embracing Sound Theatre HD" technology. This patented technology leverages on a discrete 5-channel output to deliver full audio surround, which users can experience whenever they are directly in front of the speaker. In a First Player Shooter game, the Cine5 provides precise sound location that improves shooting accuracy and heightens gaming thrills. The Cine5 also revives 5-channel audio from any down-mixed 2-channel source--for a high-fidelity, multi-channel sound during PC gaming or movie sessions.

Space-saving Design and Convenient Home Entertainment Setup

By integrating an array of speaker drivers into a single bar, the Cine5 PC speaker helps users save space in their study rooms. Additionally, installation is simplified by eliminating the need to set up multiple satellite speakers--users just need to place the Cine5 PC speaker below the computer monitor. No positional adjustment is necessary to get the sweet spot for audio recreation.

Refined Audio Performance

Utilizing premium speaker drivers and a specially-designed bass reflex port, the Cine5 provides 15dB more bass than speakers of similar size, thus revolutionizing bass delivery in compact speakers--to add depth to games and movies. Also, its multi-driver configuration reduces individual driver load by 50%, resulting in better high-frequency responses for more brilliant sound.

Dress Up PCs with Elegance

The Cine5 PC speaker represents a modern form in PC speaker design. In a user setting, the three elements of a curved shape, black glossy finish, and its metal knob delivers a touch of elegance. It also blends in with most monitors, with its overall design featuring metal or rubber stands of different heights.


  • 3.5mm Jacks for multi channel input
  • 3.5mm Heaphone Output
  • DC Input and Power Switch
  • Volume control and Mute on top.
  • 28W Max Output Power 15W RMS
  • 80KHz - 20KHz Frequency Response
  • 373x100x100 With Metal Feet
  • 373x100x80 Without Metal Feet

Package Contents

  • Cine5 Sound Bar
  • Power Adaptor
  • 5.1 Channel Audio Cable
  • Rubber Pad Speaker Feet
  • Metal Pad Speaker Feet
  • User Manual



System Type
PC multimedia speaker system
Sound Bar
28 Watt


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