Asus ATI Radeon 7950 HD 900MHz 3GB PCI-Express 3.0 HDMI TOP OC

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HD7950-DC2T-3GD5 Gigantic 3GB on Dual Fan with GPU TWEAK OC Software

This coolest 28 nm card delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe Gen 2 for faster GPU - CPU communication. It extends your visual horizon across six displays for engaging gameplay and entertainment.

The Asus designed HD7950-DC2T-3GD5 graphics card with a 900 MHz supreme overclock is equipped with a 28nm GPU that packs 4.3bn transistors and is combined with 3GB GDDR5 providing users with the ultimate speed for an even smoother gaming experience. Also featuring additional exclusive ASUS technologies, including DIGI+ VRM, offering increased stability, efficiency and reliability combined with Super Alloy Power loaded onto a custom designed PCB from Asus. Supporting full DirectX 11, AMD CrossFireX and AMD HD3D, the GPU includes an exclusive tweak utility which allows users to tune the performance of up to four graphics cards and check card status via an intuitive interface.

This GPU Tweak function links the GPU clock frequency to the voltage, so as you scale the GPU clock the voltage automatically follows; a useful tool for inexperienced and experienced over-clockers. It also enables users to select between 2D and 3D mode by providing the ability to change the respective clock speeds, voltages and fan speeds of either. Disabling the 2D mode also forces the faster 3D mode, stabilising overclocking and benchmarking results.

Embedded with GPU-Z to access accurate graphics card information, the card also contains a live update driver and BIOS benefiting users with the ability to keep their card in the best condition. Widget monitoring provides the choice to display the most needed information including a full widget, light widget or real time monitoring.

Furthermore, dual fan DirectCU thermal design delivers 20% cooler performance with direct heat dissipation which runs significantly quieter at 600% greater airflow. New PCI Express 3.0 delivers improved encoding and twice the performance of the previous PCI Express 2.0 and vision horizons can be expanded across six displays with AMD Eyefinity technology. This technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience.

ASUS Exclusive Innovations

  • GPU Tweak: GPU Tweak co-developed with the most authoritative GPUZ to provide the most accurate information
  • Gigantic3GB GDDR5Memory: On-board memory for the best gaming experience &the best resolution
  • DirectCU II: 20% cooler with exclusive thermal solution.
  • 900 MHz Overclock: for better performance and outstanding gaming experience

Key selling points

  • 28nm GPU: Less power consumption & more efficient transistor
  • PCIE 3.0: Delivers double the bandwidthper lane of PCIe Gen 2 for faster GPU -CPU communication
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 11 Support: Bring newlevels of visualrealism to gaming on the PC and gettop-notch performance
  • AMD Eyefinity Technology: Extend the View across 6Displaysto immerse yourself in gameplay and entertainment
  • CrossFire X: Multi-GPU technology for extreme performance
  • AMDD3D™ Technology: Optimize stereoscopic 3D gaming and movie-watching entertainment
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7Support: Enable PC users to enjoy an advanced computing experience and to do more with.


  • Graphics Engine AMD Radeon HD 7950
  • Bus Standard PCI Express 3.0
  • Video Memory GDDR5 3GB
  • Engine Clock 900 MHz
  • Memory Clock 5000 MHz ( 1250 MHz GDDR5 )
  • RAMDAC 400 MHz
  • Memory Interface 384-bit
  • Resolution D-Sub Max Resolution : 2048x1536
  • DVI Max Resolution : 2560x1600
  • Interface DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I), Yes x 1 (DVI-D)
  • HDMI Output : Yes x 1
  • Display Port : Yes x 1 (Regular DP)
  • HDCP Support : Yes
  • Accessories 1 x CrossFire cable
  • 1 x Power cable
  • Power Consumption up to 225W2 additional 6 pin PCIe power required
  • Software ASUS Utilities & Driver, GPU Tweak
  • ASUS Features DirectCU Series, TOP Series , Super Alloy Power
  • Dimensions 11 " x 5.1 " x 2.1 " Inch



Graphics Processor Manufacturer
Graphics Processor
AMD Radeon HD 7950
PCI Express 3.0 x16
Memory Size
3 GB
Digital Output
Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), DisplayPort x1
Core Clock
900 MHz
Header / Compatibility
Header / Manufacturer
Header / Model
Header / Product Line
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Customer reviews

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5* 7950 Power house
Reviewed by Jordan Halley on 31/03/2013
Upgraded from a Asus 7770, running i5 3570k 4.2ghz and this will run any modern pc game on high/ultra at 60fps. I had no problems fitting into my case (Zalman z9)Card is big but I had no problems installing the card. 2 free games I was going to buy anyway so I see myself saving a whole heap. I have always trusted Asus and the build quality is excellent. Good card, prompt arrival, great service from BT.
4* Excellent...but big
Reviewed by Rob Stone on 16/02/2013
After looking at GFX cards I decided to update my HD6950 2GB Powercolor with this 7950 3GB OC model.

The card looked immense when I took it out the box, very well packaged, etc. I never really appreciated how damn big it was until I tried installing it. I have a fairly decent size case (Antec Sonata III Tower), but it took around 15-20 minutes to get this beast in and seated! I only have around 1mm of space between the end of the card and my HDD rack and the GFX card. It also takes 3 slots spaces up.

Other than that, I'm delighted. The card is so so quiet when I'm not gaming. Standard operating temperature is 31-33 degrees, and when playing Metro 2033 on max settings it went up to around 50 degrees and was still quieter than my last card when that was idle!

I bench marked F1 2012 with Ultra settings and V-Sync on and it averaged 55fps, a 30fps increase over my previous card!

In addition to the performance, the AMD Never Settle & Never Settle Reloaded packs are excellent!

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