Arctic Cooling MX-4 4gm Thermal Paste

Arctic Cooling MX-4 4gm Thermal Paste

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The Arctic MX-4 is a thermal compound that guarantees exceptional heat dissipation from components and maintains the needed stability to push your computer system to its maximum. The Arctic MX-4 continues to be overclocker's ultimate choice when choosing thermal compound.



Product Description
ARCTIC MX-4 - thermal paste
Product Type
Thermal paste
4 g
Manufacturer Warranty
6 years warranty



Product Type
Thermal paste
4 g


Thermal Conductivity
8.5 W/mK

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 6 years

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5* For my laptop
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/08/2012
I purchased this for my Dell laptop. At first I was debating whether I should use this as I do not have a 'High-end' PC. It took almost a month for the compound to actually kick in. It feels as though performance has increased, but at least I know I have a great product protecting my processor and video card.
5* There is new package for mx-4 now
Reviewed by Kylie on 06/12/2012
I receive this thermal paste and suddenly i found out that it is different from what it show in ARCTIC'S OFFICIAL PAGE.The packaging has more blue than the usual black/grey colours. The tube is wrapped in white paper with a blue strip which fades to white. Then i send a email to arctic to confirm it. They give me a fast reponse and explain that : The old brand name “Arctic Cooling” is replaced by “ARCTIC”. I believe that what you purchase from the retailer is our latest product. The silver one is the old version. They change the logo and package, which is that in blue. Both of them are the same. The performance of this is great. I apply it to my ARCTIC freezer a30. So far so good.
5* It's paste!
Reviewed by Evan Wilson on 02/09/2012
It's thermal paste, and it does what it is supposed to do.

I like the syringe, and the cap, and the consistancy... a dab somewhere between a grain of rice and the size of a garden pea is keeping my 3770K thermally mated to my Xigmatek Dark Knight with a 1.1Ghz overclock.

It does what I needed it to do.
5* Very Cool and works
Reviewed by Iqbal Hussain on 14/04/2012
Works amazingly, my old computer used to work hard and I could hear the fan working all the time.Adding this, didn't a sound.

Added it on my new computer as well, keeping it very cool.

Remember you don't even need that much, I kind of wasted my mine, so got some left....wish I was smart about it.

The material does stick quite a bit onto the heatsink.
5* Does what it says on the time
Reviewed by Ron on 05/03/2012
Works well, used with Cosair Air Series A50u. Easy to apply and more than enough for multiple applications.
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