Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler (Intel & AMD Compatibility)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler (Intel & AMD Compatibility)

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High Performance CPU Cooler for Intel and AMD

The Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is the upgraded version of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro. With the flexible mounting design, this version is compatible with the Intel Core i7, Core i5, as well as AMD Socket AM3. Featuring an ultra quiet 92mm fan and 6 heatpipes, the Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is one of the most efficient and quiet CPU coolers for power users

ARCTIC Freezer 7 PRO Rev. 2 - 150W CPU Cooler for Intel socket 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1150 / 775 + AMD socket FM2 / FM2+ / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / 939

Main features
- Compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5, as well as AMD sockets
- Excellent cooling performance - 130 Watts
- Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan
- 6 heatpipes and 42 fins for efficient heat dissipation
- Patented vibration absorption to eliminate buzzing sounds
- Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2
- Easy installation

Extremely Cool
The unique heatsink design consists of 42 fins, which significantly increase the heat dissipation area to distribute massive amounts of heat faster and more efficiently. Featuring a 92mm PWM fan, 6 heatpipes and pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2,the Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 offers performance far beyond stock coolers and achieves 130 Watts cooling capacity - becoming one of the most efficient CPU coolers for power users.

Extremely Quiet
The Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is extremely quiet. Thanks to the low noise impeller and patented fan holder, the 92mm fan is almost inaudible. Controlled by PWM signal, the fan runs just the necessary speed for lowest noise level at maximum cooling capacity. The Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 generates only 0.8 Sone at 2,500rpm which is much quieter than standard coolers.

Easy Installation
The unique mounting system is very user-friendly. The whole installation can be done in a few minutes. This is a total peace of mind solution for both Intel and AMD users



Heat Sink Dimensions (L x W x H)
104mm x 58mm x 126.5mm
Fan Size
Fan Speed
900 - 2500 rpm (controlled by PWM)
Air Flow
45 CFM / 77 m3/h
Max. Cooling Capacity
130 Watts
Bearing Type
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
72 months

Customer reviews

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5* very efficient cpu fan
Reviewed by stephen on 18/01/2011
I was unsure at first at what CPU fan to purchase, after coming across this I have no regrets. The fan is very efficient at cooling the CPU, its never gone above 40 degrees when heavily loaded with games etc. It is also very quiet. Well recommended to all. Thanks.
5* I can play starcraft for another 12 hours
Reviewed by Lyn on 10/09/2012
First of the manual is clear. Install it without any difficulties. Fan speed reads as 0. Already checked to see if ii is spinning and yes it is.
i5 quad 760 2.80Ghz (overclocked to 3ghz to increase RAM FSB)

Stock cooler
Idle: 50°C - 60°C
High spec. Gaming: 70°C - 85°C

This cooler
Idle: 35°C - 37°C
High spec. Gaming: 40°C - 45°C

Extremely impressed with results. Still little concerned about the speed. Very quiet, wasn't too difficult to install and performed excellently. Great product would recommend.
5* Amazing for the money
Reviewed by Tom on 02/03/2011
This CPU Cooler is an amazing purchase for the tiny sum of money that it costs, i have a Core i5 760 running stable at 4GHz which is a 50% overclock and i never exceed 70c and i never have thought to myself that the fan was excessively loud which is always a bonus. It may seem high but for such a cheaper cooler and a massive overclock it really is a brilliant product.
5* Nice Cooler but struggled with base
Reviewed by Andy A on 12/05/2013
The cooler looks great and is indeed quiet but my main problem was installing the plastic processor base. The base comes with plastic inserts which unfortunately did not fit the Gigabyte motherboard. I even tried to sand the plastic pins down to size, no joy. I ended up by looking in my spares box for 4 suitable screws and these worked fine. This is more likely a motherboard hole-size issue rather than the Fan, but I would have thought that including 4 screws would have been an option. I like the fact you can quick-release the fan from the heatsink, this allowed me to overcome access difficulties within the case. The fan is indeed whisper quiet, so overall a 5 for rating but as for ease of use I scored 4 as installers may require additional screws.
5* New Build
Reviewed by Rob on 18/08/2011
Simply amazing, for the price.

Idle 25 Degrees, Prime2004 Load 36 Degrees.

(Just threw together a budget PC. This is attached to a PHenom II 560 (dual core),

overclocked by an additional 400 Mhz, no change in voltages.)

Case itself has good airflow and a side fan, which maybe improving performance, but even with that taken into account. 36 Degrees Load is very very impressive.

5* Cautionary Tale
Reviewed by John Peake on 09/11/2011
Installing this product was not easy. If you have an AMD based system, take EXTREME CARE when removing your existing OEM cooler from Phenom II CPU's

Mine had glued itself to the OEM cooler and removing the cooler pulled the CPU from its socket, bending pins on the processor. After over an hour of delicate work, I managed to straighten the pins and replace the CPU into its slot. Very frightening.

After the above crisis, fitting the Arctic cooler is fiddly but not to difficult.

In use it is almost silent and a revelation compared to the OEM cooler.

Very pleased with this product thus far.

Just PLEASE be so very very careful if you are AMD based.
5* Quiet
Reviewed by Kidd on 24/09/2012
A lot of reviews rave of how quiet this is. It is no understatement. My pc uses an AMD Phenom II 955 on an ASUS m4A78t-e mother board. After two years the old fan was pretty loud and needing to be replaced. This is easily 2.5 times as tall as the factory fan/heatsink and SILENT! Temps have dropped, noise has been eliminated. It is really big. It fits fine with 4 regular height memory sticks but if your memory has any heat sinks on the top then it may not work. My case has a side fan which barely fits with this but it does still fit. I'm really amazed by it so far. It does come with thermal paste on the base. There are a couple of holes on the mounting brackets so that you can get the best fit. I had to test fit the heatsink to the board a couple times to get it set right and it moved around enough to spread the little bit of paste all over the place.
4* Big and quiet
Reviewed by Chris on 22/04/2013
I've bought two of these now, one for a Phenom II and one for an AMD-FX six core.

* Quiet
* Good value for money
* Preloaded with thermal paste (but we expect it these days)

* Might be too big for your case, it's huge, really huge. I managed fine, but something to consider.
* Will probably prevent you from fitting memory in the closest slot to the processor. I did have this problem, but they weren't my primary slots and I was only using two.

It comes with a couple of metal plates that you screw onto the heatsink for AMD the sockets. My advice is to screw them on loosely before you try and fit it, it's pretty easy to do really and you don't have to push as hard as some of the clip ones. It also comes with intel socket connector, but I didn't pay much attention to that.

The fan part just clips to the heatsink which made it a bit easier when fitting.
4* Great, but a little tricky to fit
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/09/2011
Bought Artic Cooling Freezer 7 as so many recommendations online. Overall I am very pleased to say that it lives up to all that I read. Phenom II 955CPU core temps idle around 26c and under load no higher than 39C, not overclocked. It is also very quiet.

However, this is the first time I have installed a CPU fan and it was a little tricky to fit. The fan unclips to make installing easier and all the parts were fine, but on my MSI 870A-G54 board it was almost too big to fit without touching the RAM, only a couple of mm clearance.

The metal clips that attach the cooler to an AMD CPU bracket work fine, but are not easy to get the screw to connect the two parts. Once that is done though it is very secure and works very well.
4* BIG heatsink
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/12/2012
This is bigger than I had expected and am so glad I wasn't retrofitting.

Installing onto new mb (these things seem to get smaller by the year). Had no install difficulty as was doing out of case, had I tried to do this after installing MB I may have hated it. It covers one of my DIMM slots making it unusable.

AMD install requires fan removal (easy enough as it loosely clips in place) to enable screwing in of retainer plates.

Base block a tad smaller than FX CPU but don't suppose this will matter given the size of it.
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