Archos Arnova 7f G3 - 4GB 7" Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

NEW and exclusive! Elegance & Efficiency combined

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NEW and exclusive to us! Elegance & Efficiency combined - ARNOVA 7f G3

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, HD multimedia playback (1080p) & thousands of apps available via AppsLib, here is the new ARNOVA 7f G3.

With its 7'' ultra portable design & its powerful features, ARNOVA 7f G3 will become your daily companion. Whether you want to check your emails, watch an HD movie, share you photos with your friends or simply search something on the internet, the ARNOVA 7f G3 will meet your needs. And you will be able to perform all these tasks by taking advantage of the latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich combining beauty, simplicity and purpose to create a magical experience that is effortless and powerful.

Latest technology:

  • Powerful hardware: 1Ghz processor, capacitive multitouch screen, 1GB RAM, front camera...
  • Android 4.0 ICE Cream Sandwich: redesigned interface to simplify the use of the product. Enhanced web experience, real multitasking, improved camera...
  • Extra features: built-in speaker, expandable storage via micro USB slot...

Powered by Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

The ARNOVA 7f G3 runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the mobile operating system designed by Google™. With a specially designed user-friendly tablet interface, perfect for internet and applications it includes Flash 11 support for a true web experience.

Multitasking made easy

Thanks to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, multitasking has never been easier. Switching between your open apps at the flick of a finger and closing those you no longer need with a simple swipe. Thanks to the intelligent processing of Android and the powerful processor of your ARNOVA even with dozens of open web pages or flash videos, your ARNOVA 7f G3 can handle it with ease.

Fully customizable

Thanks to the advanced customization in Android, your ARNOVA 7f G3 can truly be your own; whether it is simply changing the wallpaper, setting up application folders or adding resizable home-screen widgets so that you can find the info you want without even needing to open an app.

Thousands of apps available to download

Your ARNOVA 7f G3 includes a range of preinstalled applications selected by ARNOVA so you can start to use it straight out of the box. And with the AppsLib applications store you've also got access to thousands of free and paid-for applications available to download straight to your tablet. Whether it's games, news, social networks or productivity tools there's a whole world of apps open to you. And thanks to the AppsLib approved stamp, you can know which apps will work great on your tablet

Excellent 3D games

Thanks to its powerful 1GHz ARM A8 processor the ARNOVA 7f G3 is able to bring you great games and with its open GL 2.0 technology it can even play 3D games. With hundreds of games available to download from the Appslib applications store your ARNOVA 7f G3 can quite literally be your Android games console.

A tablet for work

Once connected to your WiFi network, the ARNOVA 7f G3 lets you manage your emails whenever you want. You can configure a variety of email accounts on the built in email tool, giving each member of the family quick and easy access to their own messages.

Thanks to the range of document, slideshow and spreadsheet editors available to download on AppsLib4, you ARNOVA 7f G3 can be your mobile work station; you may never need your laptop ever again. With the integrated microSD card reader you can transfer files easily or even plug in a USB flash drive in the USB host slot / via the USB host cable.

A full Internet experience

The ARNOVA 7f G3 is the perfectly product for browsing the web via the integrated 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. Thanks to the 800 x 480 pixel wide screen, there's no need to zoom in and out as web pages will be displayed at their full width on the ARNOVA 7f G3. With Flash 11 support you can experience the full web with flash games and videos.

Full HD Video

The powerful 1 GHz processor in the ARNOVA 7f G3 means that it can play HD video files up to 1080p smoothly, even in the widely-used H264 codec that most other tablets can't handle. Most well-known file formats are supported whether it is video, audio or photos so you won't need any conversion software. And it's easy to transfer your files into the built-in or extended memory with simple drag and drop from a PC over the USB cable or use the pre-installed file manager to transfer them from a USB flash drive. Your ARNOVA will recognise the new files within seconds and put them in your media library.

Sharing your videos is easy with the large 800 x 480 pixel screen so that everyone can enjoy and thanks to the integrated speakers your tablet is a perfect portable HD media player or you can plug in any standard headphones in the 3.5 mm jack for a bit more privacy.

Through the range social networking and chat applications you can stay in touch with your family and friends anytime and thanks to the integrated webcam, you can even use videochat6.

Music and Photo

What would your tablet be without an excellent music application? Here again your ARNOVA 7f G3 is compatible with all the major formats and codecs, manages meta data for your music library and has cover display so you can find the album you want even faster. Because it's Android you can play music in the background whilst using other apps and there's even music download and streaming applications available to download to take your music experience even further.



Product Description
ARNOVA 7f G3 - tablet - Android 4.0 - 4 GB - 7"



Product Type
Operating System
Android 4.0


7" TFT
800 x 480
Colour Depth
16 million colours


ARM Cortex-A8
Processor Clock Speed
1 GHz


4 GB integrated
1 GB
Supported Flash Memory Cards
microSD, microSDHC
Max Supported Capacity
32 GB


Wireless Connectivity


Supported Digital Audio Standards
WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, APE (Monkey's Audio)
Supported Digital Video Standards
Microphone, speaker


Preloaded Software
Adobe Flash Support

System Requirements for PC Connection

OS Required
Linux, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7

Expansion and Connectivity

Expansion Slots
1 x microSD
1 x Micro-USB , 1 x headphones


Lithium polymer


Capacitive touch screen
Included Accessories
Power adapter
Cables Included
USB cable

Dimensions & Weight

19.05 cm
1.085 cm
11.63 cm
340 g

Customer reviews

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5* Excellent Stuff
Reviewed by Chris Coleman on 03/07/2012
Excellent value for money.... does just as much as any other android product out there for a fraction of the price! In response to the previous review, you CAN access the google play app store you just have to be computer literate and figure it out.... which you are clearly not. Overall a good product, would definitely recommend!
5* For the price - absolutely amazing!
Reviewed by Rob Patterson on 28/08/2012
I own an ipad and did not expect this to be an ipad killer, but was really surprised at how good it actually is. ICS is a lot better than Gingerbread, it DOES have access to Google Play store and all your favourite apps (Gmail, Maps, ebay, Facebook, Instagram etc work fine). Battery life isnt great, but it's 90 quid. I got mine as a pre owned product and paid £60. At that price it is a no brainer, I bought two and gave one to my parents.

Good job Arnova!

4* For the price they are great!
Reviewed by Zeth on 14/12/2012
Firstly I dropped a star cause the battery life is fairly poor on these to start with and these things normally only get worse with use and recharges. However for BT used stock prices on these £50-£60 they are a bargain. I mean I bought two for my kids, the VTech Inno Tabs cost as much or more (When they came out) and can not do half as much as these. So when you look at it that way - VTech and Leap Frog have a problem... Very responsive and looks great. I went for this model ones because of the Android version on them seems to be easier to grasp then the version on the other tablets (going by youtube vids), keeping in mind I intended these for a 4 and 7 year old.
4* Excellent for the price
Reviewed by Anonymous on 31/10/2012
For the price you cannot go wrong. Battery life is a little low compared to the more expensive versions. The need for both a power and USB connection to charge and exchange data is also a little disappointing. As said by another reviewer the 'normal' store is available with a little web searching!

4* Great value and does the job fairly well ...
Reviewed by Dave Roberts on 20/09/2012
My first Android tablet and obviously a bot of a learning curve to get used to it. After three months I have become familiar with Andoid ICS in all of its glory and have come to rely on this little machine on a daily basis for media/communication/surfing/entertainment and everything else now that I have loaded it up with a huge amount of games and apps, especially since Amazon launched its App Store and their new Cloud Player. Even with a 32gb micro SDHC card fitted and both internal and external memory packed to the gills this tablet is still coping well with only an occasional hiccup. Nice bright colours on the 7" screen except outside in broad daylight. However the battery life isn't the best when running some apps but it does last a long time when streaming audio. Apps like Flipboard/Pulse/StumbleUpon/TuneIn work very well. This is good value for such an indispensable device and as such is NO iPad but is certainly better value for money IMHO and I have now ordered another one
4* Good, but not great
Reviewed by Matt on 08/08/2012
The tablet is reliable and fast. The last £100 tablet I bought crashed regularly and video play was poor (sound and image timing would drift). This tablet has none of those flaws. Web surfing, Angry birds and video play back all work - so the main boxes ticked!
However, there is no Google Play Store (perhaps this is why it is so reliable) and this means no gmail or google calendar. Instead you have a AppStore with limited availability - and not all the apps work!
3* Archos Arnova 7fG3
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/08/2012
Short battery life but most importantly lacks "PLAY" Apps downloads. There surely could be an upgrade.
3* 50.00.
Reviewed by john boam on 04/07/2012
not bad would like to no more
1* Archos arnova 7f
Reviewed by S.keenan on 30/06/2012
You get what you pay for. Battery life is incredibly poor. The main problem is the fact you can't get access to the google app store. You are limited to the apps library, which does not have the I player. All the better apps appear to be on the google store. The new google nexus looks a lot better buy.
1* Archos Arnova 7f G3 - 4GB 7" Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich I hate it
Reviewed by David Hooper on 23/11/2012
Wish I had never bought it! Customer services attitude was not our problemn contact he manufacturer. If your car breaks down you go o the garage not the factory. Will never deal with BT again. Will now cancel my broadband and go to alternative supplier. They dont give a damn.
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