Akasa 2.5in USB FireWire SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure

Akasa 2.5in USB FireWire SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure

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Akasa is the leader in thermal integration solutions. Basing on quality and consistency, Akasa continues to produce new and innovative components to excite the high end market.



Product Description
Akasa GRM120-30 - system fan filter
Product Type
System fan filter



Product Type
System fan filter
Compatible Fan Diameter
120 mm

Customer reviews

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4* No screws!
Reviewed by Adam Reece on 15/02/2006
I ordered 4 of these, to go on my 2 computers but I was rather annoyed to find that they don't come with any screws to moint them onto your fan.

Also, the screws only go in one end and not out the other. It was difficult finding a bunch of screws to fit this.
3* Not as shown, difficult to use
Reviewed by Andrew on 12/04/2008
Although the filter appears on the image as being a single piece of plastic with the filter part attached, it is quite different. (I understand that BT put up the img for illustration only, but they arent showing the whole product) The filter comes in 3 parts. You have the piece of plastic with screw holes & some ribbing (see BT image). The 2nd part is the filter material itself. The 3rd part is a larger plastic piece with no screw holes that the smaller piece clips into. The filter material is held in the middle. This would be ok except I have to mount my fan filter between the fan and case. That's usually where its best to mount it. If you put it behind the fan, then dust gets caught up in the fan before it reaches the filter. If you mount it on the outside, it is visible & thus looks tacky (& is sometimes not feasible anyway). The only way I can see this fan filter being mountable is if its placed on the outside, & you can forget about putting a nice fan guard ontop.
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