Akasa Intel LGA 1366, 1156, 775, AMD AM2/AM3 Multi Plat 3HP Cooler, 92mm PWM Fan

Akasa Intel LGA 1366, 1156, 775, AMD AM2/AM3  Multi Plat  3HP Cooler, 92mm PWM Fan

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X4 is an all new multi-platform CPU cooler which has been developed from the hugely popular AK-965 heatsink. Now compatible with four different mounting types to make it suitable for all current AMD and Intel processors.

The low noise X4 utilizes three long heatpipes precision embedded in a copper base for rapid and even heat absorption and transfer to 45 aluminium fine fins. The PWM fan provides quiet controlled performance and efficient heat dissipation. X4 is designed to incorporate automatic VRM cooling (VRM - CPU Voltage Regulator Modules located on the motherboard), this is an important function that helps to keep your PC stable.

New design akasa (patent pending) Easy Select Clip with Intel reference push-pin retention is used for no-hassle mounting on Intel LGA775, LGA1156 and LGA1366 platforms - no backplate is needed. AMD Sockets 939, AM2, AM2+ and AM3 are catered for with a cam-lever clip for safe and easy attachment. Performance thermal compound is supplied.

  • 3 long heatpipes ensure superb cooling performance
  • Smart design enables VRM cooling
  • Low noise fan with PWM control
  • Quick installation with akasa Easy Select Clip

Socket type: Intel LGA775, LGA1156, LGA1366 AMD Socket 939, AM2, AM3 Cooler dimension: 135 (H) x 109 (W) x 90 (D) mm Heatsink material: Aluminium and copper Weight :458g Installation: Push pins (Intel) Cam-lever clip (AMD) Fan dimension: 92 x 92 x 25 mm Fan speed: 600 - 2500 RPM (PWM controlled) Max airflow : 47.68 CFM (80.82 m³/h) Max air pressure : 2.56mm H2O Noise level : 17.0 - 29.5 dB(A) Current rating: 0.21A Voltage rating :12V DC Bearing type : Sleeve Fan life expectancy : 30,000 hours

Customer reviews

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4* In addition..
Reviewed by niki on 12/05/2010
I recently refitted the heatsink using Arctic Silver instead of the supplied thermal paste. Instead of the 9 degree drop over stock I got a massive 13 degrees. So I would have to say that the most economic way to drop the CPU temp is to use Arctic Silver, then if you can afford this heatsink, buy it!
4* Nice Product
Reviewed by niki on 09/04/2010
Very large but pretty easy to fit and certainly does the job. Didn't bring the temperature down on idle but on full load dropped nine degrees over the stock. Nice and quiet. Had to modify a little to avoid striking the chipset heatsink, hence only a 4.
4* average cooler
Reviewed by kola77 on 18/11/2010
bought this from another store easy to install for amd board,temperatures are 5-10 degrees better then stock cooler unfortunately the cooler is just as noisy as stock cooler that why i only gave it 3 stars gd cooler shame bout the noise.
2* Badly fitting with AMD2+ socket.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/09/2010
I came to install this on my ASUS board (M4A785D-M Pro), and found that when the lever to secure this is tightened, the scored guides on the baseplate cause the baseplate itself to overhang by about 1-2mm on one side of the CPU package, and worse, leave the same amount exposed on the other side! Apart from the stresses on the CPU, the thermal gradient towards that edge will be huge (possibly causing expansion/contraction faults). Be wary when installing.
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