Akasa 80x25mm Black - Lo-Noise

Akasa 80x25mm Black - Lo-Noise

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8cm Black Paxfan

Ultra Quiet & Long Life 80 x 25mm paxfan, 12v, 3-pin, twin ball bearing. Improve the airflow in your case with an Ultra quiet 80mm Paxfan with 3-pin connector and twin ball bearing to give a consistent long life performance.

  • Application PC case or heatsink fan
  • Dimension 80 x 80 x 25mm
  • Fan speed 1800 RPM
  • Airflow 21.15 CFM (35.8m3/h)
  • Fan air pressure 1.49mm H20
  • Noise level 18.08 dB(A)
  • Voltage rating 12V DC
  • Bearing type Twin Ball
  • Fan life expectancy 80,000 hours
  • Connector 3pin
  • Product code AK-181BK-2B




Product Type
System fan kit
8 cm
8 cm
2.5 cm

Heatsink & Fan

Fan Diameter
80 mm
Fan Height
25 mm
Fan Bearing
Dual ball bearing
Air Flow
25.4 cfm
Noise Level
22.05 dBA

Customer reviews

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5* No sound!
Reviewed by Andy on 05/08/2007
i bought three or these - two to replace the stock fans that came with my computer - very good tower by the way and from! so yea the fans where rather loud and had LEDs that i did not like. these fans are silent and all in black which matches my all black set up. the other fan i attached to the rear of the tower so now i have a nice cool silent computer. another top product sold by BT. all the fans came with screws and adapters so no complaints there!
5* What fan?
Reviewed by Charles on 06/07/2007
Got 2 running, one sucking, one blowing. Keep the system nice and cool, about 10C lower than before they were installed. I can put my ear up to the fan and still can't hear it! Get some!
5* Very Quiet
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/02/2008
Replaced 2 case fans with 2 of these - they are so quiet I worried the PC was not working when it started up! Very impressive.
5* Top Fan- Very Quiet
Reviewed by Dave on 17/11/2005
This must be one of the quietest fans I've used. States 18dBA on the box (as opposed to 22.05 dBA stated here. Comes with 4 screws and a 3 to 4 pin adaptor (which many don't). Rotates at 1800 RPM. Very good buy for the money. Would definitely recommend.
5* What a nice bit of kit
Reviewed by RPM on 17/01/2006
Near-silent, comes with mounting screws and 3/4 pin adapter. Excellent.
5* What fan?
Reviewed by Owain on 28/04/2006
Can't hear it!
5* Nice secondary Fan
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/08/2006
Wonderfully silent. It's not temperature controlled, hence secondary fan.

Very pleased with my purchase.
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