Akasa 12" White Cold Cathode Lights (On/Off Switch)

Akasa 12" White Cold Cathode Lights (On/Off Switch)

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White 12" cold cathode dual pack. Lights up your PC interior with subtle white illumination to give it more style. 4mm low power lights inside the clear acrylic tubes for protection. Low heat emissions and long life. Easy, tool free installation with double sided adhesive tapes.

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4* Woah..
Reviewed by Sam on 03/03/2012
Strip lights for your case!

Brilliant bit of kit, very bright and very handy for pc building/ repair when placed at the top of the case, the switch supplied fits into a watercooling hole in your case, but does need a little work to make it fit snug, its just a fraction too small.
One other thing to note, the sticky foam is brilliant, but the pads on the lights could do with bieng a bit bigger possibly, just for added security.
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