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We've got phones to suit everyone, with features like big buttons, compatibility with hearing aids, call control – and more.

Whether you need help controlling the volume of calls, help with seeing buttons and the number of the person calling you, or just want a phone that's just easy to use, BT Shop offer a useful range of phones for you. We've also listed our phones by the different ways they can help, so it's easier for you to find what you're looking for.

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Understanding impairments

I have difficulty hearing

Using the phone affects everybody's hearing. We hear things differently through a handset because the sounds are changed. Over your lifetime your hearing changes naturally too – so it’s perfectly normal if you think you’ve noticed a difference. BT Shop offer a range of phones with adjustable ringtone and speech volume controls, inductive couplers to work with hearing aids, SMS text messaging and more to help you if you're deaf or hard of hearing.

I have difficulty seeing

Almost one person in 30 in the UK is living with some form of sight loss. If you're visually impaired, BT Shop sells phones with large, well spaced keypad buttons, easily accessible memory store buttons, speed dial, large phone screens with good sized text and more.

I have difficulty speaking

Having a stammer, a quiet voice or no voice at all can make speaking on the phone a challenge. If you have problems with your speech, BT Shop stocks a range of phones with useful features like outgoing speech amplification, hands-free dialling if you use a speech output device – and SMS text messaging.

I have difficulty moving around

Your ability to move around can affect how you communicate. BT Shop sells a collection of phones with cordless handsets that you can keep with you, and answer machine so you don't miss your calls if you find it difficult to get to the phone.

I have difficulty with dexterity and using small buttons

Reduced dexterity can make using the phone or a keypad a challenge. If you find it hard to use a standard phone, BT have a range of phones with easy grip handsets, hands-free calling, large well spaced buttons, easily accessible memory store, speed dial, wall mounts and more.

I have difficulty understanding and using technology

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll find that modern technology can make it easier to stay in touch. BT Shop have a range of phones with large, well spaced keypad buttons, easily accessible memory buttons and speed dial if you want a phone that's easy to understand and use.

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