A great baby monitor can make a real difference

Keep a watchful eye over your little one while enjoying a well-earned break with our latest BT audio and video baby monitors. We understand that your child's wellbeing isof paramount importance which is why we've developed the very best in baby monitors to let you watch over them as they sleep.

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Audio Baby Monitors

If you’ve put your little one down for a nap then our range of BT audio baby monitors will alert you if they need you. With a choice of 18 different soothing lullabies to choose from to help them drift off to sleep, you can even control the temperature and project a wonderful lightshow onto the ceiling. You can then listen out for any signs of distress through the wireless receiver.

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Video Baby Monitors

BT video baby monitors have been designed to help you keep an eye on your little one as they sleep and you get on with the important jobs around the house. Ensuring you never miss a precious moment you can simply place the video baby monitor in their bedroom and carry the receiver around with you. The large screen with night-vision means that you can check on your baby at any time – day or night – and ease them to sleep with a choice of five different lullabies.

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Compare Baby Monitors

BT baby monitors have been designed for a range of different needs meaning that we have a wide range of options available to parents and guardians. To make choose a baby monitor simpler we’ve compared all of our products against each other to help you find a solution that best suits your needs and those of your baby. Can’t decide between an audio and a video baby monitor? Not a problem, we’ve pulled all of the key details together for you to look through.


Help and Support

Are you struggling to choose a new baby monitor? Perhaps you’ve already bought one but aren’t completely sure on how it works? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve got a range of different user guides and spec sheets plus a whole host of customer reviews helping to make using and choosing your BT baby monitor as easy as possible.

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