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This is Joshua. Joshua is a university student who’s constantly working between university and home. He always attends lectures and seminars where note-taking and assessments take place almost daily – and most universities like electronic submissions. University students like Joshua need a portable device that’s powerful, to help with research, assignments, dissertations and help get him closer to his goals. Joshua takes us through his favourite tech for university.

Customer Stories - University

MacBook Air

Joshua says: "The MacBook Air is a great entry-level laptop. I love how lightweight the laptop is - at just 1.35kg I can carry it to and from uni with no problems; plus the compact design feels like a premium experience. The Intel HD graphics are perfect for graphics-intensive tasks, great for my different types of uni assignments, or even watching HD films when it's time to take a break. The 12 hour active battery life is great for lectures and seminars, as they can last hours at a time. The MacBook Air is really fast with the Intel Core processor and 128GB SSD offers loads of space for my big documents and files."

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 1.8GHz dual-core...
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External Hard Drive

Joshua says: "The Toshiba Canvio Premium external hard drive and adapter is designed especially for MacBooks, so works perfectly with my laptop. It looks like a premium product with it's high-quality, diamond-cut aluminium design that complements my MacBook and also looks professional in lectures. 2TB of extra storage is great for Uni, especially when it comes to research for my dissertation. The hard drive comes with its own password tool, which is comforting as I know my work will always be safe. It worked from the get go - no set up required."

Toshiba 2TB Canvio Premium Mac USB 3.0...
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Office 365 - Personal

Joshua says: "Office 365 has everything you could need for Uni - it's really helped me with the presentation of my work. From typing lecture notes to creating my dissertation, Word has allowed me to create all sorts of documents that I'm proud to hand in. Excel is great for basic charts, to difficult formulas. You can even copy charts from Excel and put them into Word. When it comes to presenting to a lecture theatre, PowerPoint’s tools are really useful. Office 365 makes it easy to create impressive presentations, quickly. Publisher allows me to create professional-looking publications, great for things like the Student newsletter, or even assignments. Even better? You can use these tools offline as well.”

Microsoft Office 365 Personal - 1 PC or Mac, 1...
Includes 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage!
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Wireless Mouse

Joshua says: "The Magic Mouse 2 really complements my MacBook. I like the fact it's rechargeable and doesn't need traditional batteries. The stylish mouse has an optimised foot design which helps it track things easier and move with less resistance across the surface. Easy to set up, it automatically paired to my MacBook via Bluetooth, right out of the box. The Multi-Touch capabilities means I can perform different actions, like swipe and scroll between webpages from the mouse. The Magic Mouse 2 looks really cool with my MacBook and external hard drive - it's all part of the Premium experience."

Apple Magic Mouse 2
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