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Summer’s over, it’s time to get back into action. When it comes to your studies, it’s important to have all the right tech to help get your work done to the best standard. Get ahead of the game with our range of tech; including computing, storage and software solutions for all types of academia.

Whether at school, university or even a parent of a student looking for new tech, we’ve got a wide range of products to inspire and educate students of all types. Take a look at our customer profiles below and find your perfect back to school tech companions with BT Shop.

Customer Stories

Beth - High School Student

“I like having a device I can work on in lessons so I can keep all my work together in one place. When it comes to doing homework, having a laptop that connects to the internet quickly allows me to put more research into my assignments. The easy portability of a small, lightweight laptop means I can take it between school and home without any problems. My work looks more professional and I've already learned lots of great skills for the future. ”

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Joshua - University Student

“Having a device I can take to every seminar or lecture is a must. I’m constantly taking notes on my laptop and find it easier to keep track of my notes when they’re typed up instead of handwritten. I also like to accessorise my laptop with a wireless mouse and laptop bag so I can transport it to and from seminars with ease. I find the multimedia tools are especially helpful for when I need to present to a whole lecture theatre – they impress my fellow students and the lecturer too!”

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Julie - Parent

“It’s important for my children to have the tech they need to get ahead at school. When it comes to schoolwork, laptops are great devices for development and learning due to their great capabilities. My children can do their essays and presentations on them, and also research with the internet access. Tools like Office 365 help them create professional-looking assignments. I want them to be proud of their work and I think using the right tech definitely helps.”

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Perfect starter bundles

- Asus Chromebook
- Belkin Laptop Bag
- Logitech Wireless Mouse
- Toshiba 16GB USB Drive

- MacBook Air
- External Hard Drive
- Microsoft Office 365
- Apple Wireless Mouse

- Acer Aspire Laptop
- Asus ZenScreen Monitor
- Microsoft Office 365
- Synology NAS Enclosure
- Kingston 64GB USB Drive

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