Windows 10 helps you do great things

Windows 10 is full of great new features that come alive on powerful, modern devices. The best Windows yet brings you innovative tools to get things done, fast.

Safer and more secure

Windows delivers more built-in security features and safer authentication. And updates that are always enabled help you keep your security current for the supported lifetime of your device.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello changes how you think about passwords. Password-free sign-in gives you the fastest and most secure way to unlock your Windows devices. Using your face, fingerprint or companion device, it recognises you – apart from anyone else. It'll wave you in with a friendly hello and even works on apps and Microsoft Edge websites.

Most comprehensive security

As the most secure Windows ever built, Windows 10 delivers comprehensive protection – including anti-virus, firewall, Defender and anti-phishing technologies – for the supported lifetime of your device. You get more security features and ongoing updates to help safeguard against current and future threats – all delivered built-in at no extra cost to you.

More productive

Double your productivity with more innovative tools that help you stay organised, capture ideas, explore online and get stuff done quickly.

Go beyond browsing

Microsoft Edge is the modern browser, built for Windows 10. It’s more personal, responsive and all about getting things done online. Write directly on webpages, share your mark-ups with others, use extensions and so much more.

More personal

Windows fits into the life you live. Enjoy a more personal digital assistant, the best Windows yet for gaming, and features that keep your device and your phone in sync.

Your truly personal digital assistant

By learning over time, Cortana becomes more useful as you go. Count on Cortana to help you find things, complete tasks, set reminders and work across your devices more productively.

The best Windows ever for gaming

Play great new Xbox games on Windows 10 with the stunning performance of DirectX 12. Stay connected to your gaming community with the Xbox app and play wherever you want with in-home streaming.

Powerful, modern devices

Windows leads the way in innovation with devices that work in new and better ways, including 2-in-1 tablets that can replace laptops and phones you can use like a PC.

Shop for all of your favourites in the Windows Store

Enjoy a one-stop shopping experience across every Windows 10 device. Browse the Windows Store on your PC, tablet or phone and easily download great digital content including apps, games, music, films, and TV programmes.

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