Network Attached Storage (NAS) Explained

Network Attached StorageIf you've heard of Network Attached Storage - sometimes shortened to NAS - but aren't sure what it's all about, then read on for our quick guide to the basics...

What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

We all know we can connect a USB External Hard Drive to our computer and immediately create additional storage for data or backup, but when it comes to efficient data management, there is perhaps a better way… to use Network Attached Storage or NAS for short.

Why Choose Network Attached Storage (NAS)?

External Hard Drives are a great way to quickly and conveniently create additional storage via a simple USB connection to your computer. However such devices are often restricted to use at the specific computer to which they’re connected and by the specific person using that computer. All good and well, but what if you need to share the content and files?

The answer lies in Network Attached Storage. Instead of connecting directly to an individual desktop or laptop computer, a NAS server connects to your wireless router. This effectively allows multiple users from multiple computers to access and share the content and files stored on it. Just one copy of your files, in one accessible place!

NAS Diagram

The Possibilities are Endless with Network Attached Storage (NAS)

With a NAS solution, you can quickly and simply store and share your music, videos, images and other files in one convenient location. What’s more, you can also stream digital media to any DLNA™ CERTIFIED multimedia device located anywhere in your home – wirelessly!

Choosing the Right Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution for your needs

We've got a wide range of NAS solutions to meet all needs and pockets so when choosing the right one for you, perhaps consider the following...

Is the NAS solution for the Enterprise or for the Home?
If you need a Network Attached Storage solution robust enough to cope with multiple user access and with business-strength reliability, you'll need to choose an Enterprise NAS solution. Click here to browse Enterprise NAS solutions now.
If you need a NAS solution for your home network that allows all the PCs and laptops users in your house to access content stored on it, then there's lots to choose from. Click here to browse NAS solutions ideal for use at home now.

What Storage Capacity do I need?
Depending on the type and volume of content you plan to store, there's a choice of capacities available all the way up to huge multiple TB (Terabyte) versions. A 160GB capacity for example would be enough storage for around 40,000 average audio tracks or up to 200 hours of video content. If you'll be using your NAS device to store masses of content, including High Definition content, or indeed backing up multiple user's PCs, you'll need a bigger capacity.

Will you Need to Access your NAS Drive Remotely?
If you're away from home on business or pleasure, in the UK or abroad, will you still need to access the contact on your Network Attached Storage device? If you do, you'll need to look specifically at models that offer remote access. Click here to browse NAS devices that can be accessed remotely.

Click here to browse our full range of Network Attached Storage Solutions (NAS)


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