The UK's most powerful wi-fi signal

The new BT Smart Hub is so smart that it can give you a superfast, reliable wi-fi connection in more places around your home.

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How much better is the BT Smart hub?

Our hub gives you better wi-fi coverage

The new BT Smart Hub is packed with new and impressive tech. It can give you faster wi-fi connections in more rooms than the latest hubs from other major UK broadband providers.

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What makes the BT Smart Hub so smart?

Wi-fi where you want

People love their home wi-fi, and the new BT Smart Hub is designed to give you fast wi-fi connections in as many rooms as possible.

All the speed you need

We’ve boosted the standard speed of BT Infinity to 52Mb. The BT Smart Hub uses that speed to give you a superfast wi-fi connection.

Get future-proofed

The BT Smart Hub supports the next generation of wi-fi standards. That means it’s future-proof and could support more and more home appliances as they become wi-fi enabled.

Get a hub that helps you out

This is clever. The BT Smart Hub constantly monitors your internet connection. If it spots a problem, it will quietly reboot and make a fresh connection.

BT Smart Hub

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