The UK's most powerful wi-fi signal

The BT Smart Hub is so smart that it can give you a superfast, reliable Wi-Fi connection in more places in your home than ever before. Eliminate deadspots and speed up your connection with the BT Smart Hub.

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What is the BT Smart Hub?

Bringing you better Wi-Fi coverage at home

The new BT Smart Hub is a wireless router packed full of the latest and most impressive tech. It can give you faster Wi-Fi connections in more rooms than the latest hubs and routers from other major UK broadband providers and offers a supremely reliable service throughout the day or night.

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What makes the BT Smart Hub so smart?

Seamless Wi-Fi throughout your home

The new BT Smart Hub has been designed to give you superfast Wi-Fi connections in as many rooms in your home as possible.

All the speed you need

We’ve boosted the standard speed of BT Infinity to 52Mb and the latest BT Smart Hub uses every bit of that speed to deliver the fastest Wi-Fi connection.

Future-proofing your home broadband

The BT Smart Hub supports the next generation of Wi-Fi standards meaning it’s been designed with the future in mind. As more home appliances become Wi-Fi enabled, your BT Smart Hub will be ready to go.

A hub that helps you

The BT Smart Hub is constantly monitoring your Internet connection so that it identifies and resolves any problems before you even notice there is one. Now that is smart!

BT Smart Hub

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