• BT Smart Hubs

    More powerful than hubs from other big broadband providers.

Our Smart Hubs give you fast wi-fi signal that goes further round your home…

Smart Hubs can give you a superfast, reliable wi-fi connection in more places around your home. Our hubs have it all – good looks and powerful technology for better wi-fi performance.

…and they do it better than other big broadband providers

Smart Hubs are designed to give you a powerful connection from the living room to the spare bedroom.

See our Smart Hubs test report

Award-winning Smart Hubs

Our Smart Hubs’ awesome power and super smart tech can make a huge difference to what you’re doing online.

Intelligent design

7 antenna are uniquely positioned to maximise wi-fi performance

Best wi-fi tech

the latest wi-fi technology ensures more devices can get a superfast connection at the same time

Smart channel selection

all your devices auto connect to the fastest wi-fi channel and frequency available

Smart scan

continually scans to see how well your hub and network connection is performing and reboots itself if there’s a problem.

"The fastest, best router you can get from an ISP"

"The BT Smart Hub is the best model we've tested overall"

"We've played around with the new BT Hub and we're impressed"

Which Smart Hub?

Our original Smart Hub comes as standard with our Superfast fibre broadband.

Our next generation Smart Hub 2 comes included when you buy or upgrade to BT Plus with Complete Wi-Fi. It’s our smartest hub yet and is future-proofed to deliver fast speeds throughout the home.

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