What is the card "reference"?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • What we mean when we ask for a "card reference".

In Brief...

  • When you enter your credit/debit card details for the first time on your account, you'll be asked for a "card reference" as well as the other card details.
  • The "card reference" is simply a name to help you to identify the card you are using, and might be something simple like "Visa" or "Switch"

Further information
At BT Shop, you can securely store several credit/debit cards against your account. Whenever you add a credit card, we ask you for a "reference" to help you identify it when using it to pay for an order. It will also be shown on any outstanding and previous orders, so you know which card you used to pay for the order.

To add a new card to your account, log onto your account by clicking the "my account/log in" link at the top of our website. Once logged onto your account, click "Manage payment methods" under the "Your Account" section, and you'll see any credit/debit cards currently stored against your name with abbreviated card numbers for security. There you can add another card and edit or remove and existing card.


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