How do I cancel or amend an order?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • How you can change or cancel an order you've already placed with us.
  • When you can choose to cancel or change an order.
  • When you can't cancel your order.

In brief...

  • Because we don't actually take any money from your credit card or chosen payment type until your goods are ready for despatch, you can cancel or change an order at any time, right up until the 'completion' stage when your goods are sent out.
  • Until your order completes, it will remain available for cancellation or amendment within the 'view orders & returns' section of 'my account'. Once your order status shows as 'completed', cancellation or amendment is no longer possible. At this stage, your order is either ready for, or has been despatched.

Further information...

To cancel or change an order, please log in to 'my account' (click the link at the top of our website), then choose the 'view orders & returns' option. If you have any outstanding orders on your account, they will be shown automatically.

From the outstanding orders shown, simply choose the order you wish to cancel or change by clicking the 'view order' button. The details of your whole order will be shown.

To cancel the whole order, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the red 'cancel order' button.

To substitute a product on your order with a different product, we recommend that you add the new product to your order before removing the old one. This helps to avoid us processing a half completed order which may cause you further inconvenience.

To remove a line or item from your order, select the appropriate line and click the red 'cancel this line' button.

To add an extra product to your order, you will need the product in your basket first. Then edit the order and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue 'add basket' button.

If you want to cancel an order after it's been despatched, you'll need to wait until the order has been fully delivered to you. Once you have the goods in your possession, you can apply for a returns number. Click here to read our returns policy. Look under "If You Have Changed Your Mind" in that article.




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