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BT 6500

Block Nuisance Calls Fed up with unwanted calls interrupting you at home? The new BT6500 brings you unique functionality to block up to 80% of nuisance or unwanted calls. It’s call management feature puts you back in control, by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block.

Avoid unwanted calls by blocking call types such as International or caller withheld numbers, or get some peace by putting the phone into silent mode. But never miss calls from people you want to hear from by adding them to your VIP list.

The easy to use menu also allows you to:

• Block specific numbers
• Copy contacts between handsets
• View voice messages as a list so you can select which to listen to first
• Record up to 30 minutes of messages
• Set up call diverts
• Use handsfree speaker
• Set parental controls to block outgoing mobile/premium calls
• Activate Do Not Disturb mode

BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker - Single


BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

Block up to 10 nuisance numbers!

BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker - Trio



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