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BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit

BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit

Customer rating:4.0*
Quicklinx: 4Z2JWS00
Mfr#: 055866
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Powerline adapters are the ideal way of creating a home network or complementing an existing Wi-Fi connection. By providing a secure high speed connection and great service quality, powerlines allow you to watch Standard and High Definition (HD) movies as well as play online games without interruption or pixilation; share photos, music and other media stored on a PC or compatible storage device anywhere in your home. Powerline Adapters will help you reach those areas of your home where Wi-Fi signal is either too weak or cannot reach. Other usages of Powerline adapters include IP-CCtv surveillance cameras, setting up an office network without the need to add more wires or rewire if you change your office configuration.

High speed data transmission
Supports speeds of up to 200Mbps. This can easily satisfy applications such as video, gaming, digital music, file sharing, and Internet browsing in the home.

DS2 Compatible
This product is compatible with all other DS2 powerline adapters - it isn't compatible with the "Homeplug" adapters.

No Extra Wires Needed
Every home has its own power line network. Users don't have to use extra cable for network connection in their home.

Plug & Play
To make a network connection in the home, users just plug the adapters into the outlets without configuring any settings.

Extends connecting range and eliminates dead spots
Unlike wireless technology, the Powerline technology can cover in excess of 99% of the home.

More outlets than other wired solutions
It's more convenient to make the connection in the home. On average, there are 45 outlets in a home, while; MoCA (over coaxial) and HPNA (over phone line) only have around 3-5 outlets.


  • LED - Status (multi-color);Ethernet (green): AP (Yellow)
  • Button - On/SBY; CONFIG/F RESET
  • Interface - RJ-45 X 1 for Ethernet connection + a AC power plug
  • Ethernet - Standard IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u - 10/100 BaseT Auto-sense
  • MDI/MDX support Yes
  • Modulations - OFDM, 1536 Carriers - Flexible frequency configuration
  • Data Rate - Up to 200Mbps
  • Management - HTTP Web-based management; Firmware upgrade via TFTP
  • Security - Mixed DES/3DES encryption guarantees total data security
  • Network Protocols - 802.1D Ethernet Bridge Yes - 802.1Q VLAN Yes - Quality of Service (QoS) Yes
  • Low Pass Filter - Attenuation> 35 dB at 2M Hz; >80 dB at 30M Hz
  • Power - Input: 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Output AC fuse 4A
  • Environment Conditions - Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius - Relative humidity 0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions - 65 mm (W) x 40 mm (H) x 132 mm (L)
  • Certifications - FCC, CE, UL

What's in the box?

The following items are included in your PG9020 package:

  • A pair of PG9020 adapters
  • One Ethernet cable
  • One copy of this user guide

Fair Usage policy Please note that for BT employees purchasing this product at the employee price there is a limit of 5 per employee

Please Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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Customer reviews

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Brilliant and so simple
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 21/10/2011

I bought a pair of these to use in my new build large 3 storey house. The distance was just too far for wireless and it kept dropping out. I plugged the one in for the router to connect too with the supplied cable. The other one plugs in on the top floor and I had to provide a ethernet cable for that one but it just worked after a few seconds to auto set up. BRILLIANT!
The cost is the only downside and the lack of a second cable would make the price more justifiable.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 4*
What is in the package
Reviewed by Don Dickson. Review Posted 27/09/2011

Potential customers may wish to be aware of this experience.
1 - I chose premium delivery next day service. The delivery did not happen the next business day, after complaining the package was delivered by private car from the courier in two business days.
2 - The package contents does not include a user manual.
3 - The user manual is available for download on this web site and is for a different version of the product. The manual describes a white product (supplied product is black) that includes a standy switch, whereas the supplied product has no standby switch. In other respects the products are similar. One interesting point is that one of the devices indicates it should be connected to the BT Home Hub, and the other device (of the pair) indicates that it should be connected to a BT Vision+ unit.
The downloaded user manual does include all the necessary information on how to install the two devices though you will need an additional network cable as only one is supplied.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 4*
Reviewed by Andrew. Review Posted 16/08/2011

It works and you just plug it in. Made my son's PS3 totally reliable as it was possibly too far away from the router. Nice touch being able to still use the power socket too.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit
Reviewed by Clive. Review Posted 18/04/2011

Excellent. Followed the instructions printed from online (none in box), plugged in the units, let then automatically configure indicated by green lights, connected leads to the router and computer and had immediate very fast broadband.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
Literally plug & play !!
Reviewed by Lesley. Review Posted 09/02/2011

Couldn't have been easier to set up - literaly plug and play.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 4*
Reviewed by ricky. Review Posted 04/08/2010

right fellas i have a BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit. but i have a slight problem everything was working fine untill i moved the modem and adaptors. now the one adaptor just wont work at all i think its stuck in standy but i dont no. when its pluged in to the socket it jus blinks the ap/stby led red then straight after the status lights flashes red and repeats its self over and over agen. i have try'd the factory restset on it but nothing happens its just keeps winking at me haha so i was hopeing 1 of you might know what the hell is up with it and a solution if possible.. cheers

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 5*
Works a Treat but BE AWARE
Reviewed by John. Review Posted 23/04/2010

These Powerline sockets are very easy to setup and work flawlessly.
I have 4 in my house all running at approx 150mbps.
Please note that these are DS2 Powerline switches and will therefore NOT WORK with the usual Powerline/Homeplug switches you can buy.
DS2 uses the new chipset within the plug that is faster than the other Powerline/Homeplugs.
As this type of chipset becomes the norm in the next few months, more and more switches will become compatible with this switch but at the moment this seems to be the only one that is available.
Don’t let this put you off they are well made and work great.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
Possible answer to problems?
Reviewed by Tony. Review Posted 02/11/2009

I had no problems with mine - had it working in minutes. I believe that this type of equipment will only work if units are plugged into same ring main. Larger properties may well have separate ring mains e.g. upstairs and downstairs and this may well be the reason that problems are being reported.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 27/09/2009

I would also like to network my desktop PC in this way. What type of wired switch did you use for the set-up?

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
BT Comtrend Powerline HD Ethernet Female Kit
Reviewed by Hungry Wolf. Review Posted 28/06/2009

I got this device when I got the BT vision device. Took a short time to figure how to use it. But of all the network kit I use, I must say this was the easiest to use. Although it was meant to be used for the BT vision, I have configured it as an extender for my wired network. I did this by attaching a wired switch to it instead of the Vision unit. The vision unit and 4 PC's are attached to switch. they seem to be working well for all my use. Although I only run the vision unit and a max of 2 PC's on the net at the same time through this device at any 1 time. My home is fully wireless but my desktops do not have wireless facility. Hence for this set-up.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 3*

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