Why buy a Samsung laptop?

Samsung Pebble Range

SamsungSamsung are well known for the quality and reliability they offer on all of their products. Famous for their piano black flatscreen TVs, with quality and reliability built in, Samsung are now becoming increasingly known for their high quality laptops.

Unlike other laptop manufacturers, up to 75% of the components found in Samsung notebooks are made by Samsung which means that they can constantly ensure quality, reliability and remain competitive!

Award winning manufacturers, Samsung won the PC Pro award for best laptop manufacturer in 2007, were highly commended for the best laptop manufacturer award in 2008 and were awarded the What Laptop Labs award in 2008.

Samsung AwardsSamsung Notebooks are extremely reliable and ideal for both private and business use. All Samsung notebooks go through intensive quality testing to ensure premium quality.

As part of the testing process, the laptops are analysed for weaknesses typical for notebooks, in order to maintain the highest quality standards. In everyday life, notebooks need to roll with the punches. They are easily dropped on the floor or squashed in cramped bags !

Intensive Quality Testing

Daily use tests
Everyday stress situations are simulated in the Samsung testing labs, where the products are put through their paces.Testing

Low temperature test: to simulate storage conditions in cold temperatures
High temperature test:
to simulate the notebook being exposed to direct sunlight in summer.
Long life test:
to simulate high performace, with non-stop testing for over six weeks while running several test programs.

All Samsung laptops in their first year are protected by a Fast Guard warranty (extendable) which means that if in the unlikely event that you have a problem with your laptop, Samsung will collect it from anywhere within the European Economic Area and Switzerland and return it to you fixed, in any major European city, within a target repair turnaround time of 72 hours.

Shock Test - Measures durability against accidental dropping. A platform that produces vibrations is used to simulate various situations like carrying or the vibrations in a car.
Pogo Test -Measures the durability against repetitive force on the LCD Back. The stability of the display is tested with a strong punctual force.
Torsion Test - Measures the durability against repetitive twist & flex forces. The case is tested for how far it twists without incurring damage.

Constantly innovating

Silver Nano Technology

Constantly innovating Samsung coat all their laptop keyboards with nano-sized silver, ensuring that your notebook will remain completely anti-bacterial, Silver Nanocreating a more hygienic personal computing environment.

Silver destroys enzymes that bacteria need for breathing & digesting, as a result bacteria find it impossible to survive.

Convenient features as standard

As well as featuring the latest processors in their innovative and sleek designer chassis, Samsung also make sure that all their laptops are readily fitted with a memory card reader and a webcam as standard - saving you time and money as well as saving you space so that you're you're not carrying a seperate webcam or memory card reader everywhere you go!





Touch of Colour by Samsung

Distinguish yourself with a unique identity. The Touch of Colour (ToC) range from Samsung incorporates a rose infusion on their unique gloss piano black design. The ToC range makes owning a laptop fashionable, creating your own unique identity that makes a true lifestyle statement. Click here to find out more.


ToC rangeToC rangeToC range




Samsung NC10 Netbook

Even though it is one of the world's lightest 10.2" netbooks, weighing just 1.33kg with a 6 cell battery, the NC10 incorporates a stunning 10.2" WSVGA (1024 x 600) SuperBright© Non-Gloss LED screen and normal-size, ergonomic notebook PC style keyboard that makes it even easier to type in comparison to other products of its kind

In addition, Intel's smallest and lowest power processor, the Intel® Atom™ processor, enables the NC10 to deliver real computing power at a fraction of the weight, size and cost. By incorporating the Microsoft™ Windows® XP Home operating system coupled with a 160GB hard disk storage, the NC10 also sets a new standard in price and performance for netbooks.

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Samsung NC10 - BlackSamsung NC10 - White 2Samsung NC10 - Blue






Samsung X360 - Fully featured and lighter than air

The ultra-lightweight Samsung X360 sets a completely new standard in mobile computing - offering a comprehensive set of features unlike anything of its kind on the market. Even though it is the lightest notebook in its 13.3" class, weighing a miniscule 1.29 kg, the X360 incorporates all of the extensive communications and data sharing functionality demanded by the new aristocrats of the mobile world - socially interconnected and results-driven professionals.

The X360 also includes a removable 6 cell battery that enables up to 10 hours continuous use - making all day mobile computing a practical reality. Its efficient power consumption is supported by the use of Intel® Centrino® 2 Ultra Low Voltage processor technology and an innovative 13.3" LED screen, which significantly enhances performance compared to a typical LCD, but weighs less, uses much less power and is less prone to damage.

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Samsung P Series Business notebooks

P series




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